If you don't believe in luck, this list of boy names that mean lucky just may inspire you to change your mind. And if you DO believe in luck, then you'll definitely want to check out this list. From Benedict, which means “fortunate,” to Kairos, who was the Greek personification of luck, each name is unique and flattering … and perhaps lucky. Take a look!

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  • Bonaventure Bonaventure is a fun and lively name that means “good fortune.” Originally of Italian origin, it's best remembered because of a 13th century cardinal, but it can be a nice modern name as well.
  • McCrae McCrae is a strong Scottish name that means “son of grace” or “son of fortunate.” It's the kind of name that brings good luck to those who bear it.
  • Kairos Pronounced KYE-ross, Kairos comes from Greek mythology. He was the personification of luck, opportunity and favorable moments.
  • FelixFelix is a Latin name that means “happy” or “fortunate.” Not only will it have a beautiful meaning for your baby boy, but it'll also be auspicious for his future.
  • Madoc Madoc is a Welsh boy name that means “fortunate.” Variations include the more traditional Madog and the more modern Maddox.
  • Parvaiz If you like far-flung baby names, consider this one from ancient Persia. Its various translations include “fortunate,” “lucky” and “commendable,” so it's a positive name overall.
  • ChanceWhy not take a chance with a name like Chance? It's been popular in the U.S. since the 1960s, though its usage has been on a slight decline. You can bring it back!
  • Ayman Ayman is a name that means “fortunate,” “righteous” and “blessed.” Originally Arabic, it's become increasingly popular in Europe, especially in the Netherlands.
  • BenedictBenedict is an European name that means “blessed” or “fortunate.” Another, less common version is Benedetto.
  • Branwen If you've ever seen a raven, you've seen the origins of this Scandinavian name. Branwen means “blessed raven” or a sign of good favor from heaven.
  • Kader Kader is a name of Middle Eastern origin. While it means “power” in Arabic, it means “fortune” or “destiny” in Turkish, so it'll be perfect for a strong and blessed baby boy.
  • Macario Macario is a name that takes Greek roots and puts a Spanish twist on them. It means “blessed,” and it's popular in both Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking countries. Its most common nickname is Mac.
  • Chauncy Meaning “gamble,” Chauncy is a bit of an old-timey name, but you could take your own gamble on it coming back within your son's lifetime. It's of French origin.
  • Madron Madron is a Cornish name that means “lucky.” A fun nickname could be Mads!
  • Jalus Pronounced Jah-LOO, Jalus comes from Tibetan and means “rainbow.” It's considered a lucky sight.
  • Boone Boone is an old name that can be traced back to many different root words. In contemporary times, however, most people will think of “boon” as in “something good that comes to them.”
  • Devere If you speak French, you probably already know the meaning of Devere: “of the fishing place.” It's associated with luck, skill, patience and other virtues and attributes needed for fishing.
  • Behrooz Another fun name from Persia, this one means “blessed by God” or “blessed by the spirits.” Nicknames could include Roo or Boo.
  • Barack Made popular by the U.S. president, Barack is actually a traditional name in many languages, including Arabic, Hebrew and Swahili. Translations include everything from “blessing” to “lightning bolt.”
  • Edmund Edmund is a bit of an old-fashioned name, but it has a lot of history and dignity. It hails from the days of the Anglo-Saxons and means “fortunate protector.”
  • GadielA lesser-known angel from the Bible, Gadiel is usually translated to “God is my fortune.” It could be a meaningful and spiritual name for a baby boy.
  • Hannibal Though most known for its famous fictional character, Hannibal is a grand, dignified name that dates back centuries to the Assyrian people. It means “fertility” or “fortune.”
  • Ngozi Ngozi could be a great baby name for a son with African heritage. It means “blessed” among the Igbo people of Nigeria, and it's pronounced with a distinct “N” sound: either n-GO-zee or n-GAW-zee.
  • Selig Selig is a Germanic name that means “happy” or “blessed in life.” It can also be spelled Zelig.
  • Septimus Though a bit grandiose, Septimus used to be a very common name for Greek and Roman sons. It refers to the lucky number seven.

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