What parent wouldn't want a life of good fortune and favorable leanings for their child?! If that describes your hopes for your child, check out this list of baby names that mean lucky. From Karma to Fortune to Sealey and beyond, these options are intriguing and filled with hope for a luck-filled life!

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  • AyanAyan is a popular baby name in Somalia. It means “fortune,” and it's used for both genders.
  • Kei Though it's short, Kei has a long list of meanings, including “lucky,” “spring,” “happy,” “respectful” and “square jewel.” It's of Japanese origin.
  • Merrit Merrit is a gender-neutral baby name that means “deserving of good fortune,” which is fitting, since it sounds like the word “merit.” It's most popular in Scandinavian countries.
  • AsherAsher is a baby name that dates back to the Old Testament. It comes from the Hebrew word “osher” meaning “fortunate” or “blessed.” Originally a male name, it can also be used as a cute, tomboyish name for girls.
  • Karma Karma is one of those names that's also a noun. Luckily, its out-of-the-box usage makes it suitable for boys and girls alike!
  • Yuki Hailing from Japan, Yuki is a name that can mean both “luck” and “snow.” Despite its feminine feeling, it's gender-neutral and frequently used for boys as well.
  • Claiborne Claiborne might sound like a girl's name, but historically, it's been more popular with boys. It has French and German roots and refers to the boundaries of lucky clover fields.
  • BennettOriginally a masculine name, Bennett has been gaining ground with girls as well, so it's become quite unisex. It means “blessed” or “fortunate.”
  • Tashi Tashi is a name that descended to the world from the high mountains of Tibet. It means “good fortune,” and it's used for both genders equally.
  • Fortune Fortune is a self-explanatory name that can be used for both boys and girls. For a more feminine feeling, try Fortuna or Fortunata; the latter was popular among nuns and martyrs in 4th century Italy.
  • Ushara Ushara is a Hebrew word that means “blessing of God” or “by the grace of God.” A more masculine form is Usheret while the more feminine form is Ushria or Ushriya.
  • Sudi Coming from Egypt, Sudi might look like a feminine name, but it was actually masculine for many years before transforming into something more gender neutral. It literally means “lucky.”
  • QuinnQuinn is an Irish name that means “intelligence.” It's not the same as being lucky, of course, but it was considered lucky if your baby grew up with good sense!
  • Boniface Boniface is an old, old name that draws its roots from the Latin word “bonifatius” or “bountiful.” Use it as-is or modernize it with nicknames like Bon or Bonny.
  • Guin Guin is a baby name from Wales that means “white,” “fair” or “blessed.” You might be more familiar with its feminine form, Gwen, but the original Guin is gender neutral.
  • Ventura Ventura is a name that might bring Jim Carrey's Ace Ventura to mind, but it actually has much older origins as a Spanish root word. It means “fortune.”
  • Sealey Sealey is a unisex baby name that means “happy” or “lucky.” You'll also see it spelled Seeley.
  • Bahati Bahati is a Swahili name that means “chance.” It can refer to both good and bad things that happen randomly, including strokes of luck.
  • Talisman Historically, a talisman was an object that possessed great powers or warded off evil. It could also bring good luck to the bearer. It'll make a fun and interesting baby name with meaningful origins!
  • MalloryMallory actually means “unfortunate” or “unlucky.” But how about changing the odds with a gamble on a luckier future?
  • Prosper Prosper might sound like an unusual name to English speakers, but it's quite common in France where it's pronounced pro-SPARE. It's also been the name of everyone from 5th century saints to 20th century literary heroes.
  • Arley Arley is a fun and unique baby name. It means “from the rabbit meadow,” which was considered a fortuitous place thanks to its lucky, long-eared residents.
  • Veasna Hailing from Cambodia, the name Veasna comes from the Khmer language and means either “fate” or “future.” It's usually a surname, but it can be used as a first name as well.
  • Basharat Basharat is a Muslim name that means “good tidings.” You can spell it in different ways for different genders, including Bashirah, Bashshar and Basheera.
  • Lucky Last but not least, if you're looking for a straightforward name, go with Lucky! It'll be a blessing for boys and girls alike.

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