Mallory has a very unfortunate meaning, as its French meaning actually is “unfortunate.” Despite this, in the 1980s, Mallory was a very popular name for girls, even reaching the top 100 list. It is still in use today though and offers a great opportunity for a tomboy-like name.

Meaning of the name Mallory:

French: ill-omened, unfortunate

Origin of the name Mallory:

The baby name Mallory began as an English surname after the Norman War. It was originally a French surname that meant “unfortunate.” The name did not become used as a first name until the 1980s after the popularity of a character named Mallory from the show “Family Ties.”

Symbolism of the name Mallory:

Mallory means “unfortunate” as it originally began as a nickname of surnames. In France, families received this name if they received bad luck quite often.

baby name Mallory

Style of the name Mallory:


Gender of the name Mallory:

The baby name Mallory is for females.

Pronunciation of the name Mallory:


Number of syllables in the name Mallory:


Emotion evoked from the name Mallory:

Mallory is a unique name that feels creative. It feels upbeat and a bit sporty.

Alternative spellings for the name Mallory:

  • Mallorie 
  • Mallery
  • Mallary
  • Mallarie
  • Malorie
  • Mallerie
  • Mallorey

Nicknames for the name Mallory:

  • Mal
  • Mals
  • Mallie
  • Mally
  • Lory
  • Rory 
  • Mora

Popularity of the name Mallory:

Mallory was put on the Social Security Popularity Index in 1983 at number 334. It rose to a top 100 spot in 1986 ane 1987, reaching number 93 in 1986. The baby name has declined in recent years, however, and is now number 568 for girls.

Related names for the name Mallory:

Great middle names for Mallory and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Mallory:

  • Mallory Hagan (Miss America in 2013)
  • Mallory Burdette (professional tennis player)
  • Mallory Sandler (actress, “Rat Race”)
  • Mallory Reaves (novelist, “The Silver Dream”)
  • Mallory Snyder (professional model)
  • Mallory Pugh (professional soccer player)

Mallorys in popular culture:

  • Mallory (character from “American Horror Story”)
  • Mallory Archer (character from “Archer”)
  • Mallory Dent (character from “Veronica Mars”)
  • Mallory Dodge (main character in “The Problem with Forever”)
  • Mallory Grace (character from “The Spiderwick Chronicles”)
  • Mallory Keaton (character from “Family Ties”)