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Free Blood Sugar Chart To Manage Your Health

blood sugar chart

Free Blood Sugar Chart To Manage Your Health

It’s essential that you keep an eye on your blood sugar (glucose) levels because having your stats in the proper range is essential for your health and well-being. It’s necessary to watch your sugar levels because if they become too high, then you could become diabetic or create a path to other health ailments. If you want to manage your own health (and you should), then you need the aid of a good blood sugar chart, and we have you covered.

You should realize that sugar is not all bad. In fact, glucose (sugar) is your body’s main source of energy, but you must not let it get out of control. Today, we’ll talk about maintaining a healthy range and how you can manage your own lifestyle so that you can keep your blood sugar under control.

The first step is to use a blood sugar chart like this:

blood sugar chart
This is a Blood Sugar (Glucose) Chart. Use it to determine if your sugar levels are in the right spot. If they're not, contact a doctor.

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What is Blood Sugar?

The sugar or glucose in your body comes from the carbohydrates that you get from the food you eat and beverages that you drink. Again, sugar is your body’s main source of energy. Your blood carries sugar to all of the cells in your body to create energy. 

While there are certain lifestyle choices that you can make to control your blood sugar, your body has natural processes that help you along the way. One of them is insulin production. Insulin is a hormone produced by your pancreas. It’s necessary that your body produces enough insulin to control your blood sugar. If your insulin production is out of whack, then it can lead to severe ailments like diabetes. Typically, if you have elevated glucose levels, it’s an indicator that diabetes is in the future. 

How to Read the Blood Sugar Chart

The chart above tells you about the healthy blood sugar ranges for different scenarios. It shows a healthy blood sugar level for immediately after you eat and where you should be two to three hours after eating. There are also ranges that you should hit if you’ve been fasting. If you believe you're in danger of being diabetic, then you also need to pay attention to the numbers in that range of the chart.

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Signs That You May Need to Test Your Blood Sugar

There will be times where you feel sick, or you have a feeling that something in your body simply isn’t right, and that’s when you need to see the doctor. They’ll take some blood and test your glucose levels. If they see an issue, they may give you equipment and instructions so that you can test your own glucose at home so you know when you need to make adjustments or return to the doctor. 

If you haven’t been at risk of high blood sugar in the past, then you may not realize when you could be facing an issue. Here are some signs that your blood sugar is out of control:

You’re Very Thirsty

Many people have the misconception that they’ll feel jittery when their blood sugar levels are out of control, but the signs aren’t always that obvious. For instance, one sign is that you’re thirstier than you have been in the past. Another sign is that you need to urinate much more frequently than you did in the past. These side effects can occur because your kidneys are working overtime to get rid of the extra sugar in your body.

You’re Always Hungry but Also Losing Weight

If you’re suddenly hungrier than you used to be, but you’re also shedding weight, then it may be a symptom of polyphagia, which is an indicator that your blood sugar levels are too high. Since your blood sugar production is not where it should be, your body tries to use the fat in your body, so you lose weight.

You’re Always Tired and Fatigued

We said that blood sugar is how you get your energy, so it makes sense that tiredness would mean that your body isn’t producing enough glucose. When you only have so much glucose, your body keeps it in your blood instead of transporting it to your cells to produce energy.

Blurry Vision and Headaches

Another reason to review a blood sugar chart is if you’re having a lot of headaches and your vision has recently become blurry. This can happen because when you have high blood sugar levels, it can affect the lenses on your eyes and make it hard to properly focus. If your vision is suddenly worse than it used to be, then visit the doctor. 

You’re Seeing New Sores, and They Aren’t Healing

If your sores aren’t healing as you think they should then it may be a sign that you’re not getting enough blood flow to the area. That can occur because you have diabetes, and diabetes can cause nerve damage that results in poor circulation.

Your Hands and Feet are Numb

When your blood sugar is out of control, it can cause nerve damage, which in this case is called diabetic neuropathy. A side effect is the numbness and tingling sensations in your feet and hands. This is another symptom that should encourage you to see the doctor. 

Skin Issues Like Dryness and Blisters

If you’re looking in the mirror and you see that your skin is changing color, you’re developing skin tags, or you’re seeing new blisters, then it may be a symptom of insulin resistance. Your blood sugar is likely higher than it should be, so see a doctor.

Swollen and Bleeding Gums

Gum disease is a very common complication of diabetes. If you get a gum infection and your blood sugar is out of control then the condition could get worse because when you have an infection, your body’s response is to release more glucose, which can make the problem more complicated. It’s always important to see a dentist when you have any mouth pain or noticeable issues because problems in your mouth that aren’t corrected can lead to more serious issues throughout your body.

How To Test Your Blood Sugar

Lancet pen ,Diabetes Glucose Test Strip.Blood Glucose Test Strips
A blood sugar meter can tell you if you fall within the proper range or if you should seek medical attention.


If you want to see where you land on the blood sugar chart, then you need to do a test. You can have a test completed at the doctor’s office, or they can give you the materials you need to do it at home.

The doctor will likely give you a blood glucose meter and testing strips. Insert a testing strip into the meter. Next, use your lancing device and put it on the side of your finger so you can extract a drop of blood. Touch the test strip to the blood and wait for a result to show up on the meter. Compare the results to the blood sugar chart above. Review the results and make the proper adjustments or contact the doctor if necessary. 

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How to Keep Your Blood Sugar Under Control

You don’t have to wait until it’s too late to ensure that you’re keeping your blood sugar at the proper levels. If you want to keep yourself and your kids safe and healthy, then follow these guidelines:

  • Exercise regularly
  • Eat more fiber
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Get enough sleep
  • Don’t overeat during meals
  • Manage your carb intake


The tips and advice above include everything you need to know about how to use the blood sugar chart and make the proper adjustments for the good of your overall health. Take care of yourself and your children, and hopefully, poor blood sugar won’t become an issue in your home.

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