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The baby name Madison did not become a widely used surname until 1984. Prior to that year, Madison was an English surname used for centuries. Now, the name retains a spot on the top 50 list, though it was on the top 10 list from 1998 to 2014.

Meaning of the Name Madison

Madison began as a surname in historical England. It was a variation of the surname, Mathieson, which means “son of Matthew.” The baby name became popularized during modern times as a first name after the release of the movie “Splash” in 1984.

The baby name Madison was a surname derived from another surname, Mathieson. Both of these meant “son of Matthew” as they were names for families with a patriarch named Matthew. As a first name, Madison retains this historical meaning.

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Nicknames for Madison

Madison is a name that feels rejuvenating and fresh. It feels youthful and fun and deserves the perfect nickname to accompany it. If you're looking to find a nickname for the Madison in your life, we've created a list below to help get you inspired.

Madison Name Details

Style: Traditional

Gender: Madison is traditionally considered to be a girls name.

Pronunciation: MAD-i-sen

Syllables: Three

Alternative Spelling for Madison

Madison Name Popularity

The baby name Madison entered the Social Security Popularity Index in 1985, ranking at number 625 overall. It entered the top 50 list in 1996 at number 29 and immediately went on the top 20 lists in 1996. From 1997 to 2014, the name was in the top 10 list for girls, even reaching the number two spot for a few years. Now, the name ranks at number 23 for girls.

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Great Middle Names for Madison and Their Meanings

Famous People Named Madison

  • Madison Zieglar (professional dancer)
  • Madison Beer (singer, “Melodies”)
  • Madison Pettis (actress, “The Game Plan”)
  • Madison Hubbel (professional ice dancer)
  • Madison McLaughlin (actress, “Arrow”)
  • Madison Hu (actress, “Voyagers”)
  • Madison (main character in “Splash”)
  • Madison North (character on “All My Children”)
  • Madison Clark (character on “Fear the Walking Dead”)
  • Madison Paige (character in “Heavy Rain” video game)
  • Madison Sinclair (character on “Veronica Mars”)
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