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Most Popular Baby Names in 2000

Most Popular Baby Names in 2000 baby, girl, child and children

Most Popular Baby Names in 2000

The year 2000 began with more than a few people being relieved that the world didn't end on January 1 due to Y2K! Despite it being hard to imagine now, there were genuine concerns about the world — or at least computer systems — coming to a halt at the end of 1999.

As the new year dawned, we no longer had to worry about following Prince's instruction to “Party Like It’s 1999,” because the year 2000 was here to stay. As the year progressed, popular culture exploded in the form of reality television, cable news programs, and the emergence of pop superstar groups.

But have you ever been curious about the most popular baby names of 2000, the year in which Beyonce was not quite a superstar? We'll provide a breakdown for you of the most popular names from that year.

Most Popular Baby Names in 2000

As with many years prior, in 2000 the name Emily emerged as the top choice for baby names, striking a balance between both modern and old-fashioned. It was also the name of Little Bear's best friend, several famous authors, and an actress known for her captivating allure.

Giving your child the name Emily one of the most popular baby names of 2000 was a way to gift them with a very versatile name. Whether they loved outdoor picnics or wanted the glitz and glamour of Hollywood — or anything in between — there was an Emily for them to look up to and have as a role model.

Most Popular Baby Names in 2000

Unique 2000 Girl Names

Other popular 2000 girl names were not nearly as traditional as Emily. Names such as Madison, Alexis, Alyssa, Kayla, Haley, Brianna, Jasmine, and Destiny made up the top 50 most popular names in 2000.

Although Ms. Taylor Swift was not a global superstar yet, her name was already quite popular. Taylor was the 10th most popular girl name in 2000.

For those parents who wanted their daughters to have more traditional names, Emily was not the only choice. Names such as Hannah, Ashley, Sarah, Samantha, Abigail, and Lauren made up the top 20 most popular names that year.

For a generation that grew up reading “Sweet Valley High” in the 1980s, naming their children Jessica and Elizabeth seemed like a reasonable choice. These names were number 8 and 9, respectively, in the most popular girl's names in the year 2000.

The most popular names for boys in 2000 were very traditional. Although the names for girls in 2000 had some unique and off-beat choices making the top 50, the names of boys stayed very similar to names that have always been favorite names to give sons.

The name at the top of the 2000 boy names list was Jacob. Other similarly Biblical-inspired names included Michael, Joshua, Matthew, Daniel, and Joseph.

Other traditional names that made it into the top 50 included Christopher, Andrew, William, David, and Anthony.

Boy Names That Would Grow in Popularity

Names such as Brandon, Christian, Dylan, Ryan, and Tyler would gain even more popularity as the decade wore on but were already popular enough to make up the top 50 boy names in 2000.

Most Popular Baby Names in 2000

How Has the Popularity Shifted in 2023?

Now in 2023, while some of these names still maintain their popularity, they have shifted.

For girls’ names, Emily decreased in popularity to number 17 (yet still in the top 20). Elizabeth and Abigail are still in the top 30, ranking at 15 and 24, respectively. On the other hand, Allysa, Lauren, and Taylor dropped off the top 100 list.

William still remains a classic name and is number 6 in 2023, while Jacob has dropped to the number 32 spot on the list being replaced with the name Liam. Meanwhile, the name Michael dropped to number 16 in 2023, being replaced by Noah.

Matthew has seen a decline and currently resides at number 39 on the list, while Anthony follows closely at 44. Furthermore, Christopher and Andrew have decreased in popularity, occupying spots 56 and 61, respectively.

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