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The baby name Jordan has the same meaning as the name in reference to the Jordan River. They mean “to flow down.” The name is not one of the most commonly used in America, and it is used in a variety of different spellings ranging from Jordan as mentioned to even Jordyn. Sometimes, the name is even used as a surname in the case of Michael Jordan.


Meaning and Origin of the name Jordan:

Jordan is a gender-neutral name of Hebrew origin meaning “to flow down.”

The baby name Jordan comes from the name of the river Jordan that separates the countries of Israel and Jordan. In Hebrew, the name is spelled Yarden and comes from the Hebrew word yarad (meaning “flow down”). The name became used when crusaders throughout Europe brought water from the Jordan River home for the baptism of children. It remained a popular name throughout the Middle Ages, declining until the 19th and 20th centuries.

Symbolism of the name Jordan:

The water in the Jordan River is said to be some of the holiest in Israel as it is where Jesus is said to have been baptized. This river became so important to early Christians that they began to give their children this name after baptized with water from the river. Crusaders brought the water home with them after fighting in the Crusades.

Nicknames for the name Jordan:

Jordan is a beautiful name for boys and girls that is rich in history and meaning. This name has many nicknames associated with it that are great for both boys and girls. We compiled these nicknames in the list below to help you choose the perfect nickname for your baby.

  • Jord
  • Jordy 
  • Dan
  • Jay
  • Jo
  • Jojo
  • Jori

Style of the name Jordan:


Gender of the name Jordan:

The baby name Jordan is used by both males and females.

Pronunciation of the name Jordan:


Number of syllables in the name Jordan:


Emotion evoked from the name Jordan:

The baby name Jordan is simple, but it has strong emotions associated with it. It feels powerful and overwhelming when considering its symbolism.

Alternative spellings for the name Jordan:

Popularity of the name Jordan:

Jordan had never been on the top 100 list in America until 1982 when it reached number 85. The name joined the top 50 list in 1989 at number 44. Jordan is now back on the top 100 list as of the year 2020 at number 82.

Great middle names for Jordan and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Jordan:

  • Jordan Pruitt (singer, “Jump to the Rhythm”)
  • Jordan Rooke (professional model)
  • Jordan Todosey (actress, “Derek”)
  • Jordan Lloyd (reality TV star, “Big Brother”)
  • Jordan Nobbs (professional soccer player)
  • Jordan Wandick (professional dancer)
  • Jordan Cavanaugh (character on “Crossing Jordan”)
  • Jordan Baker (character in “The Great Gatsby”)
  • Jordan Sullivan (character on “Scrubs”)
  • Jordan Mooney (character in “Cocktail”)


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