The Hebrew language and Jewish religion dates back to biblical times. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that said entities have contributed numerous names to popular lexicon. This list of Hebrew baby names is filled with a variety of meaningful names for both boys and girls.

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  • Addi Addi is a gender-neutral moniker Jewish parents might bestow upon newborns. The name is translated to mean a jewel or one hailing from a noble background.
  • JordyThis unisex name is commonly handed down to Jewish girls and boys. The moniker signifies flowing water. Moreover, it is an abbreviated variation of the popular boy's name Jordan.
  • Shalom Jewish parents often designate their newborns Shalom. In Hebrew, this denomination is intended to mean peace. However, it is also used as goodbye in friendly conversations.

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  • Medina Medina is a unisex honorific given to Jewish-born boys and girls. The title is said to mean city or country.
  • Orly This gender-neutral designation is popularly handed down to newborn Jewish children. Language historians maintain that the title symbolizes light.
  • Adlai Adlai is a Hebrew boy's name. The denomination is believed to be an abridged variant of Adaliah. Arguably, its most famous holder was the late American statesman Adlai Stevenson.
  • Aaliyah – This Hebrew name is often given to Jewish girls. The honorific celebrates exulted individuals.
  • Dothan Dothan is a biblical name Hebrew-speaking parents might bestow upon newborn sons. The name means law.
  • Chani This moniker can be awarded to infants born to Hebrew-enunciating subjects. The designation recognizes grace and beauty.
  • Efrat Jewish subjects blessed with newborn boys might choose to title said children Efrat. The honorific is said to celebrate brilliance and revered persons.
  • Gila Gila is feminine moniker with Hebrew origins. Historians suggest that the denominations translates to eternal joy.
  • Japheth Hebrew-speaking individuals might designate newborn sons Japheth. The name means handsome. Additionally, the title is a variation of the biblical honorific Yaphet.
  • Hanika Hanika a name commonly handed down to Jewish girls. In Hebrew, the name connotes swan. Furthermore, it symbolizes a graceful person.
  • Lazarus This ancient, biblical title is often awarded to boys born to Hebrew-speaking parents. Lazarus translates to God's assistant and honors the famous historical figure.
  • Jacoba Jewish parents may bestow the name Jacoba upon newborn daughters. The definition of this title is may God protect. The honorific is also the feminized version of the noted male moniker Jacob.
  • Malachai Malachai is an ancient Hebrew name awarded to boys. It us defined as one who serves as a messenger.
  • Raisie This Hebrew name is commonly given to Jewish girls. Raisie translates to rose.
  • Zacchaeus Zacchaeus is a strong, biblical Hebrew boy's name. This moniker recognizes cleanliness and purity.
  • Ravyn Parents of Jewish extraction might title newborn daughters Ravyn. Ravyn describes a large, black bird, which is spelled Raven in English.
  • ZebulonThis Hebrew name is given to boys. It honors an exulted subject. Included among its more famous holders is celebrated American general Zebulon Pike.
  • Torah Torah is a girl's name carrying Hebrew origins. The moniker is translated to mean to teach or guide. Moreover, the Torah is the holy scripture read by Jewish people.
  • Shmuel Parents conversing in Hebrew might designate newborn boys Shmuel. Language historians maintain that the designation means one whose prayers will be heard by God.
  • RayaRaya is a title holding Hebrew beginnings. It honors a true friend or an especially loyal subject.

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