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Zebulon is a popular biblical baby name for boys. Ancient in origin, the name soared in use due to its prominence in 1970s popular culture. Zebulon Tyler Walton was a main character in The Waltons series, and Zebulon “Zeb” Macahan was also a character in How the West Was Won series. Keep reading to learn more about this name.

Meaning of the name Zebulon:

Old Hebrew: Exalted house

Origin of the name Zebulon:

Zebulon is an alternative spelling of the name Zebulun. This name derives from the Old Hebrew word זְבוּל (zevul) and means “exalted house.”

Symbolism of the name Zebulon:

Zebulon is a variation of the name Zebulun (meaning “exalted house”). According to the Old Testament, Zebulun was the tenth son of Jacob and his sixth son by Leah (Genesis 30:20). Within Genesis, symbols of Zebulun included ships, ports, and seashores (Genesis 49:13).

Style of the name Zebulon:


Gender of the name Zebulon:

Zebulon is a boy's name.

Pronunciation of the name Zebulon:


Number of syllables in the name Zebulon:


Emotion evoked from the name Zebulon:

The name Zebulon evokes feelings of power and prosperity.

Alternative spellings for the name Zebulon:

  • Zebulun
  • Zevulun
  • Zebulen
  • Zebuleon
  • Zvulun
  • Zavulon

Nicknames for the name Zebulon:

  • Zeb
  • Zev 
  • Zebbie
  • Lon
  • Lonnie

Popularity of the name Zebulon:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Zebulon was the 3,977th most popular baby name for boys in 2020.

Related names for the name Zebulon:

Great middle names for Zebulon and their meanings:

  • Ace (highest rank)
  • Barrett (bear strength, strife, might)
  • Benny (son of my right hand, blessed)
  • Carter (transporter of goods)
  • Ephraim (fruitful, fertile, prosperous)
  • Israel (God has prevailed, triumphant with God)
  • Jotham (perfection of God)
  • Kane (little warrior, golden, man)
  • Mark (masculine, warlike, devoted to Mars)
  • Noah (rest, repose, respite)
  • Reuben (behold a son)
  • Zebadiah (God has bestowed, God has given)

Famous people with the name Zebulon:

  • Zebulon Jeremiah Bogue (son of actor Robert Timothy Bogue)
  • Zebulon Reed Brockway (prison reformer)
  • Zebulon Butler (politician)
  • Zebulon Vance “Zeb” Eaton (baseball player)
  • Zebulon Aiton Lash (lawyer)
  • Zebulon Montgomery Pike (brigadier general)
  • Zebulon Alexander “Zeb” Terry (baseball player)
  • Zebulon Baird Vance (politician)
  • Zebulon Vermillion (baseball player)
  • Zebulon Weaver (politician)

Zebulon in popular culture:

  • Zebulon (easternmost town in Wake County, North Carolina
  • Zebulon Cafe Concert (music venue in Los Angeles, California)
  • Zebulon “Zeb” Macahan (character in How the West Was Won series)
  • Zebulon Tyler Walton (character in The Waltons series)
  • Zebulon Valley (region in Haifa Bay, Israel)
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