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Carter is a trendy name that has been on the top 50 list since 2009. It has been used as a first name throughout Great Britain for centuries to represent someone who had an occupation of transporting goods. The name is used as a surname as well, though with popular celebrities like Aaron Carter and President Jimmy Carter. The name Carter continues to grow in popularity. Let's learn more about this classic name.

Meaning and Origin of the name Carter:

Carter began as a play on the Gaelic “cairt” and the Old English “cartere,” both meaning cart. These words also came from the Latin word “carettarius,” which means the same. The name Carter came about then to represent the name of someone who drove a cart to transport goods throughout the ancient United Kingdom. It could have also been used as a name for someone who makes carts.

Symbolism of the name Carter:

The name Carter came about as an occupational name during the Middle Ages. The first part of the name, as seen, literally translates to the name cart. The suffix -er helps to represent that this name is for someone who drives or makes carts.

Nicknames for the name Carter:

  • Car Car
  • Car
  • Carti
  • Carr
  • Cart
  • Ca
  • Art
  • Arty

Style of the name Carter:

The baby name Carter is a traditional name from the Middle Ages.

Gender of the name Carter:

The gender of the baby name Carter is for boys.

Pronunciation of the name Carter:


Number of syllables in the name Carter:

There are two syllables in the baby's name, Carter.

Emotion evoked from the name Carter:

Carter is a simple baby name. Being that it is the name for a cart driver originally, it has a feeling of seriousness and humility.

Alternative spellings for the name Carter:

Popularity of the name Carter:

The name Carter is currently the 33rd most popular name for boys on the Social Security Index as of the year 2020. It has been on the top 50 list since 2009 and the top 100 list since 2004 though. Prior to 2004, the name was on the top 200 list starting in 1998.

Great middle names for Carter and their meanings:

  • Brady (spirited, broad)
  • Harris (son of Harry)
  • Grayson (son of a steward)
  • Emmett (universal, powerful, truth)
  • Edward (wealth, prosperous)
  • Austin (great, magnificent)
  • Avery (wise, counselor)

Famous people with the name Carter:

  • Carter Jenkins (actor, “Famous in Love”)
  • Carter Hart (professional hockey player)
  • Carter Southern (actor, “Criminal Minds”)
  • Carter Rubin (pop singer)
  • Carter James (pop singer)
  • Carter Smith (film director, “The Ruins”)
  • Carter Hughes (character in “Benji”)
  • Carter Heywood (character in “Spin City”)
  • Carter Rutherford (character on “Leatherheads”)
  • Carter Bowen (character on “Arrow”)
  • Carter Baizen (character on “Gossip Girl”)
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