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Emmett is a universal name, as the meaning implies, that originally began in England and Germany. It also is seen in Hebrew culture, but it does have a different meaning and is pronounced differently. People with the name Emmett have been important throughout history including Emmett Till who was a young civil rights activist. It's a name that has been used for many years, and—while not used as often in the past—is still moderately popular to this day. Let's explore the details behind the name Emmett.

Meaning and Origin of the name Emmett:

The baby name originally began as a surname in England. It was a surname that was created from the traditional German name Emma. Due to the popularity of the name Emmett, it became increasingly popular as a first name on the British Isle. In the Hebrew culture, the name is pronounced differently, so it is almost a different name that means truth instead. In English, German, and Hebrew, the name Emmett means “universal.” Conversely, it also means “entire” in English, and in Hebrew, it means “truth.”

Symbolism of the name Emmett:

The baby name Emmett feels honest and sincere, and it is the masculine form of Emma in Germany and Great Britain. This gives the name the meaning of universal that is mentioned above.

Nicknames for the name Emmett:

Style of the name Emmett:

The style of the baby name Emmett is traditional.

Gender of the name Emmett:

The baby name Emmett is primarily used for boys, but there are girls with the name too.

Pronunciation of the name Emmett:

EHM-it or eh-MEHT

Number of syllables in the name Emmett:

There are two syllables in the baby's name Emmett.

Emotion evoked from the name Emmett:

The baby name Emmett evokes strong emotions and a personality full of intelligence. It is a very crisp and smart name for a boy.

Alternative spellings for the name Emmett:

Popularity of the name Emmett:

Emmett is a name that has never reached the top 100 spot throughout its time on the Social Security Index. It is starting to get close, however, as it has been ranked as number 106 for the past two years in 2020 and 2019. It has been on the top 150 list since 2015.

Great middle names for Emmett and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Emmett:

  • Emmett Heflin (actor, “Johnny Eager”)
  • Emmet Kelly (professional circus performer)
  • Emmett King (actor, “As No Man Has Loved”)
  • Emmett Rogers (professional baseball player)
  • Emmett Watson (journalist)
  • Emmett Smith (professional football player)
  • Emmett (character in Silverado)
  • Emmett Brown (character in Back to the Future)
  • Emmett Bledsoe (character in Switched at Birth)
  • Emmett Forrest (character in Legally Blonde)
  • Emmett (main character in The Lego Movie)
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