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The name Aidan has deep Irish backgrounds, and its backgrounds are ironic at best. Though originally introduced by followers of the Celtic god Aodh, a Christian saint by the name of Aidan made the name rise in popularity. It now remains one of the most popular names throughout the world, but it still holds to its meanings of “fire” or “little fire.”

Meaning of the name Aidan:

Irish/Gaelic: little fire, ardent, warm
Celtic: fire

Origin of the name Aidan:

Aiden became popular in Ireland with the introduction of the pagan religions as Aodh was the god of fire and the sun. There was It began to spread throughout Europe, however, when there was a monk by the name of Aidan who was well-known and respected throughout the land. The name of the man was Saint Aidan of Iona, and he brought Christianity to the pagans that were in the land.

Symbolism of the name Aidan:

The meaning of the baby name Aidan is originally created from the pagan god of fire and of the sun. This is why the meaning is still “little fire” in most cases. It is ironic then that a Christian monk is who helped to spread the name Aidan throughout the world.

Style of the name Aidan:

The style of the baby name Aidan is traditional to the ancient Celtic culture.

Gender of the name Aidan:

The name Aidan is primarily for boys, but some girls are starting to receive the name as well.

Pronunciation of the name Aidan:


Number of syllables in the name Aidan:

There are two syllables in the baby name Aidan.

Emotion evoked from the name Aidan:

The name Aidan is very strong and powerful. It feels as if it is a name that can be worthy of praise and admiration, meaning there is pride that follows the name.

Alternative spellings for the name Aidan:

Nicknames for the name Aidan:

  • Addy
  • Aid
  • Addie 
  • Ahd
  • Denny
  • Den

Popularity of the name Aidan:

From the years 2001 to 2010, the name Aidan, according to the Social Security Index, was on the top 100 list, reaching number 39 in 2003. It now ranks at number 261, which is the lowest ranking that the name has received since the year 1995 when it was number 282.

Related names for the name Aidan:

Great middle names for Aidan and their meanings:

  • Mitchell (Who is like God?)
  • Oscar (friend of deer)
  • Spencer (steward, administrator)
  • Thomas (twin)
  • Walker (a fuller of cloth)
  • Jackson (son of Jack/John)

Famous people with the name Aidan:

  • Aidan Gallagher (television actor on “The Umbrella Academy”)
  • Aidan Prince (professional dancer, BAHBOY)
  • Aidan Alexander (actor, “A Cowgirl's Story”)
  • Aidan Miner (actor, “The Secret Life of the American Teenager”)
  • Aidan Turner (Irish actor, “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug)

Aidans in popular culture:

  • Aiden (lead character in the book “The Secret of Kells”)
  • Aiden (character in the book “Blood and Chocolate”)
  • Aiden Lynch (character in “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”)
  • Aiden Waite(character from television show “Being Human”)



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