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The name Landon, though originally a family name, is now one of the most popular first names for boys. It offers a sense of youthfulness and sincerity while remembering the English roots that it came from. Even now, Landon remains on the top 100 list of the Social Security Index.

Meaning and Origin of the name Landon:

In Old English and English, the name Ladno means “long hill” and “grassy plain,” respectively. Landon began in Old England as a surname for individuals who were living in localities that were called Landon. In more modern times, the name began to be used as a first name. It increased in popularity rapidly, especially after the beloved actor Michael Landon was on “Little House on the Prairie.”

Symbolism of the name Landon:

The name Landon means “long hill” or “grassy plain” because it was originally a surname for families who lived in areas called Landon. Often, these areas did contain grassy hills and plains, as the meaning implies. Rather than changing the meaning of the use of the name as a first name, it stuck.

Nicknames for the name Landon:

  • Land
  • Lanny
  • Lan
  • Don 
  • Lonny
  • Landy
  • Lando
  • Lanno
  • Donnie
  • Andon 
  • Landie
baby name Landon

Style of the name Landon:

The baby name Landon is traditional in that it was an English surname based on location. It is more modern in its use as a first name, however.

Gender of the name Landon:

The baby name Landon is primarily reserved for boys. In rare cases, there are some girls with this name, but it is not be considered unisex.

Pronunciation of the name Landon:

lan-den, or LAN-duhn

Number of syllables in the name Landon:

There are two syllables in the baby's name, Landon.

Emotion evoked from the name Landon:

The name Landon feels a bit young and feels like it should be reserved for a child with an adventurous spirit. In most cases, the name is associated with boys who are charming, funny, and even happy to be around, bringing the mood up to anyone they meet.

Alternative spellings for the name Landon:

Popularity of the name Landon:

In the year 2020, the baby name Landon ranked at number 68 on the Social Security Index. This is slightly lower than its rankings from just a few years ago, as it was on the top 50 list. From the years 2006 to 2015, the name Landon remained in the top 50, reaching as high as number 33 in 2010.

Great middle names for Landon and their meanings:

  • Asher (happy, blessed)
  • Alexander (defender of men)
  • Micah (who is like God?)
  • Phillip (fond of horses)
  • Cole (swarthy, coal-black, charcoal)
  • Blake (black, pale, white)
  • Elliott (with strength and right, bravely, truly)
  • Miles (boastful soldier)
  • Tate (cheerful)
  • Tyler (doorkeeper of an inn, owner of a tavern)

Famous people with the name Landon:

  • Landon Donovan (professional soccer player)
  • Landon Cassill (professional racecar driver)
  • Landon Collins (professional football player)
  • Landon Cube (music producer)
  • Landon Austin (pop singer)
  • Landon Jacobs (pop singer)
  • Landon (character from “Planet of the Apes”)
  • Landon Carter (character from “A Walk to Remember”)
  • Landon Kirby (main character in “Legacies”)
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