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The name Easton sounds very upscale, though it started as a surname throughout the United Kingdom in both England and Scotland. It is similar to names like North, Weston, or even South; but Easton is by far the most popular. Though it has only been on the Social Security Popularity Index since 1995, it is quickly rising in the ranks.

Meaning and Origin of the name Easton:

Easton is great name for a boy or girl. It has a few varying meanings, though they are almost the same. The British meaning of Easton is “east settlement.” The English meaning is “east-facing place” or “east town.” And the Scottish meaning is “east.”

Easton comes from a long line of English and Scottish surnames that have since turned into first names. It was used as a surname for those families who lived among the easternmost parts of the British island. It has spread in popularity for both genders due to the introduction of names that have a compass-like direction.

Symbolism of the name Easton:

The name Easton, as the name implies, represents those areas that are part of the eastern settlements throughout England and Scotland. This is why this, original, surname was given to families in the area. In modern times, the surname began to find its use as a first name.

Style of the name Easton:

The style of the name Easton as a first name is modern, but it is a traditional surname in the United Kingdom.

Gender of the name Easton:

The gender of the baby name Easton is unisex, but it is primarily used for boys.

Pronunciation of the name Easton:

ee-stuhn or EES-ten

Number of syllables in the name Easton:

There are two syllables in the baby name Easton.

Emotion evoked from the name Easton:

Easton feels upscale and almost like the name of someone who would live in a wealthy area. It also has a trendy feel to it, giving off emotions of pride, coolness, and even arrogance in a way.

Alternative spellings for the name Easton:

  • Eastyn
  • Easten
  • Eastin
  • Eastynn

Nicknames for the name Easton:

There are several nicknames to choose from for the name Easton. The most obvious nickname is East. We have compiled the list below of nicknames you can use for Easton. Look it over and decide if any of these nicknames are right for your baby.

  • East
  • Easty
  • E
  • Tony
  • Eady
  • Eastie
  • Easta

Popularity of the name Easton:

The name Easton has been on the Social Security Index since the year 1995, coming in at 923. The baby name entered the top 200 list in 2010, moving to the top 100 list as soon as 2012 at number 96. In 2020, the name is number 73 overall.

Great middle names for Easton and their meanings:

  • Clark (scribe, secretary, scholar)
  • Trace (brave)
  • Grant (tall, big)
  • Jude (praised)
  • Zane (God is gracious)
  • Blaise (lisping, stammering)
  • Luke (light)
  • James (supplanter, one who follows)

Famous people with the name Easton:

  • Easton Corbin (country music singer)
  • Easton Winchester (main character in “Undeniable Crush”)
  • Easton (character in “Almost, Maine” play)
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