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Bollam: Family Name, Meaning, History, and More

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Bollam: Family Name, Meaning, History, and More

Have you ever wondered why we have a surname? Well, originally, surnames were augmented with first names to set other locals apart from those who had the same first name. It was also a way to identify people by birth, location, trade, and father’s name. The majority of individuals in Lowland Scotland and England had shifted to using hereditary surnames by the year 1400. In this article, we will explore the Bollam family name, its history, origin, and more.

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Origin of the Bollam Family Name

The Bollam surname originated in England with migration that occurred after the Norman Conquest of England back in 1066.  The Bollam family took up residence in Lincolnshire and other regions of Britain. However, the name does not refer to these regions specifically but to the French Channel port of “Boulogne.” It seems that the first recording of the Bollam name was to a Gilebert de Bollon registered in 1168 in Northumberland.

Where Is the Bollam Family From?

According to ancestry by choosing different census years, you can see how the family migrated over time. During 1880 and 1920, the Bollam family name was found in the United Kingdom and the United States. It has now spread further across the globe. It is noted that during 1880, the majority of Bollam families were recorded in the United States and that 8 families resided in Nevada.

Furthermore, you can access 1,000 census records on ancestry for the name Bollam. This allows you to see the status of where your ancestors worked and their educational background. In addition, there are 148 immigration records where you will be able to discover how and when your ancestors arrived in the United States. Finally, if any of your Bollam ancestors were veterans, there are 95 military records available where you can find information on where they served.

What Was Your Ancestors' Occupation?

In the 1800s and 1900s, jobs were a lot more corporeal; for men, this involved manual labor such as construction, mining, and farming; for women, it was cooking and cleaning. Let’s take a look at what your ancestors did for a living.

United States 1940: top male jobs

  • Salesman: 100%

United States 1940: top female jobs

  • Packer: 100%

England 1940: top female jobs

  • Unpaid domestic duties: 82%
  • Private means: 19%

Interesting Facts About the Bollam Family Name

  • The Bollam family life expectancy was 31 in 1951 and 87 in 2003.
  • Bollam is the 34,546th most common last name in the world.
  • There are about 15,336 people who have the Bollam surname.
  • In the United States, 50% of the Bollam Political Affiliation is Republican, and 52.23% is Democrat.
  • There are approximately 2,546 people in the world who have Bollam as their first name.

World Map of the Bollam Name

In this section, we will take a look at how many people bear the Bollam surname around the world.

CountryYear 1880Year 1881Year 2014
United States30 119
England 6850
India  15,100
Qatar  22
New Zealand  20
United Arab Emirates  8
Australia  5
Canada  3
Malaysia  3
France  2
Nigeria  1
Scotland  1
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Phonetically Similar Names

Now we can take a look at similar names, the number of people who bear these names, and where they live.

SurnameNumber of people in the worldLocation
Bolam3,254England/Isle of Man
Ballam2,117India/Isle of Man
Wollam1,164United States
Bolan5,350United States/Northan Cyprus

Statistics on Find My Past

Finally, Find My Past is another great resource site that you can look into to find your ancestors' history. You can find census records, newspaper articles, and more. In this section, we will look at the number of records they have for the Bollam surname.

  • Australia and New Zealand: 43
  • Ireland: 74
  • England: 3,204
  • Scotland: 33
  • Wales: 49
  • Other Britain and Ireland: 8
  • Overseas unknown: 360
  • Canada: 28
  • United States: 573
  • World: 4,227
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