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Valaries: Family Name, Meaning, History, And More

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Valaries: Family Name, Meaning, History, And More

Knowing more about your family name can tell you a lot about your family history and who you are. Today, we are going to take a deeper look into the family name Valaries, which is a derivative of the family name Valerie. There is little information about the Valaries derivative, but we can see some history through Valerie.

Origin and Meaning

Valerie originates from the Italian and French family names Valeri and Valery. These names were derived from the Latin family name Valeria. This name means strong, valiant, healthy, and brave. Today, Valerie is a masculine surname most common in Europe, specifically in France and Russia, as well as in francophone countries (countries that speak French) like Senegal, Guinea, Burundi, and Mali.

The family name crest includes images of a lion and armor, featuring bright royal blue and grey silver as its colors. This crest symbolizes the meaning of the name well: strength, valor, and health.

Surname Variations

Every name has a history and variation of some kind. Over many years, names change shape and mold to new forms. Just as Valaries is a variation of Valerie, Valerie itself has other variations.

  • Valer
  • Valier
  • Valerini
  • Valeriani
  • Valerio
  • Valeri
  • Valente
  • Valery
  • Vallie
  • Alarie
  • Valera
  • Valero
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Interesting Facts

Some of the first Valeries migrated to North America in the 1500s. This included Antioni Valera, who arrived in 1519, and then later Francisco Valera, who arrived in 1565.

From 1880 to 1920, those with the family name Valerie were found in Scotland, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. In the United States, most of the Valeries were found in Louisiana.

During the 1940s in America, your Valerie ancestors were most likely laborers or houseworkers. 50% of men were laborers, and the remainder were made up of miners and gardeners. During this time, all of the women were houseworkers.

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