The Italian culture is one of deep appreciation for the finer things in life — from art to music to food. If you wish to instill such qualities into your little one — or perhaps you want to pay homage to your Italian lineage — then you'll want to consider an Italian baby name. From Allegra to Leonardo to Tomasso, there is no shortage of beautiful-sounding monikers to give your child. Take a look at the below list of Italian baby names and select the perfect one for your little one.

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  • Alexius Alexius is a well-known Italian name that has a masculine touch but works for girls just the same. It has a bold meaning of “defender of men”.
  • Allegra Allegra is a girl's name backed by Italian origins. Meaning “joyous”, it can serve as a unique lyrical name thanks to its similarities to the music term “allegro”.
  • AndreaAndrea is a classic Italian name that fits as a unisex choice. It can be a variation of “Andrew” as well as a feminine version of the same name.
  • ArmaniArmani has Italian roots that works with boys and girls. It can either mean “freeman” or “warrior”, and it can also be a stylish choice considering the designer brand that shares the name.
  • BiancaBianca is an Italian girl's name. As it means “white”, it can be a classic option for parents with babies born near the wintertime who want to represent the white blanket of snow.
  • Caro Caro, with its Italian origins for boys, means “dear”. It's a cute option that is quick and easy to say.
  • Como Como is an Italian place name that can work for boys and girls alike. It can be used for those seeking a more laidback, tranquil-like name.
  • Dominica Dominica is an Italian female variation of Dominic. Meaning “belonging to the Lord”, this can be a great choice to name a baby girl after a male relative like a father or a brother.
  • GemmaGemma is an appealing Italian name for girls. Pronounced “JEM-mah”, the name means “precious stone”.
  • GianniGianni is an Italian name that started out for boy but continues to make the transgression for use among girls. It has the meaning of “God is gracious”.
  • GinoGino is a completely classic Italian name for boys that people may regularly hear in the country or within communities around the world. It means “wellborn, noble”.
  • LeonardoLeonardo is an Italian variation of the name “Leonard”, and it's a strong choice for boys. It's steadily been made a multi-cultural name with the powerful meaning of “brave lion” while also representing the famous Renaissance painter da Vinci.
  • LucaLuca is a sweet-sounding Italian name for boys or girls. It means “man from Lucania”, and it can also be considered a place name when it's spelled like “Lucca”.
  • LuisaLuisa is an Italian girl's name with a streamlined spelling compared to the common “Louisa”. It has a strong meaning behind it as it represents “renowned warrior”.
  • MarioMario is an Italian variation of Marius used for boys. Besides that, this name, meaning “Mars”, integrates fully cross-culturally perhaps thanks to the joyful and popular videogame character.
  • MatteoMatteo is an attractive Italian name for boys that stands out more than the usual “Matthew” spelling and pronunciation. It has the lovely religious meaning of “gift of God”.
  • MicheleMichele is a classic gender-neutral Italian name that has an old-fashion feel to it. Standing as a variation of “Michael”, the name means “who is like God”.
  • NicoNico is a dynamic unisex Italian name. Also working as a nickname, it can stand as a trendy twist on the name “Nicolas”.
  • NicolaNicola is a more elegant Italian name that works for boys and girls. Meaning “people of victory”, it can serve as a variation of the name “Nicolas” or as a feminine version of it.
  • Nino Nino is typically used as a boy's name among Italian communities. Although it can be a diminutive form of “Gianni” or “Giannino”, it also works as a cute pet name.
  • Po Po is a straightforward Italian name that works as a unisex choice. It's also the name of an Italian river, making it a good option for parents that want to represent their homeland.
  • Rocco Rocco is of Italian origins and can be used for boys and girls. It means “to rest”, and it has a sweet quirky appeal to it.
  • Romeo Romeo is a recognizable boy's name with Italian origins that works whether taken because parents enjoy the famous Shakespeare play or like the way the name feels. It has a simple meaning of “pilgrim to Rome, Roman”.
  • TeresaTeresa is a popular Italian girl's name that offers parents a few variations in how it's spelled. Meaning “to harvest”, it comes with a couple of easy nicknames to choose from such as “Tessa” and “Tess”.
  • Tomasso Tomasso is an Italian boy's name that serves as a variation to the traditional name “Thomas”. Besides coming with a cute nickname of “Tom”, the name means “twin”.

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