Embrace the finest qualities of the Italian culture by selecting a name that instills an appreciation for gioia di vivere. From Carmela to Serafina, this list of Italian baby names for girls is extensive and filled with beautiful options. Take a look!

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  • AlessiaAlessia is a trendy Italian name for girls. Meaning “defending warrior”, has a similar feel to other traditional names like “Alexis” while still having an interesting spin.
  • AmaraAmara is a feminine name backed by not just Italian origins, but other regions as well from Arabic to West African. It means “grace, immortal, tribe”, and it is a lovely, cross-cultural choice.
  • BellaBella is an Italian girl's name derived from “Isabella”. It has the perfect meaning of “beautiful”, and it fits on its own as a given name or as a nickname for the likes of “Arabella” or “Annabella”.
  • BriaBria is a simple Italian name used for girls. It comes with a sweet meaning of “vigor, liveliness”, fitting for a bubbly baby girl.
  • Carmela Carmela is a long-standing Italian girl's name. No matter how familiar it is, it remains a cute choice, and as it means “garden”, it can work as a more colorful name filled with personality.
  • Clarice Clarice is a classic Italian name used for girls dating back decades. It's a perfect choice for those seeking something more old-fashioned that still has a nice sound with a sweet meaning of “bright, clear”.
  • Daniella Daniella remains a recognizable Italian name that many girls in and out of the community carry around. It works as a feminine form of “Daniel”, which makes it appropriate when basing the name off an older male relative or even a twin brother.
  • DonnaDonna is a timeless Italian girl's name. As it translates directly to “lady” in the language, it easily fits a beautiful baby girl.
  • EmiliaEmilia is a popular Italian name that is historic yet has a lovely modern feel. It's fitting for girls cross-culturally too with its easy approach.
  • Federica Federica is a feminine and Italian twist on the name “Frederick”. Meaning “peaceful ruler”, it has a pretty appeal that makes it look elegant without feeling overly formal.
  • FrancescaFrancesca is a popular Italian name for girls used not just throughout Italy, but across other communities and cultures in the world. It works as a feminine version of “Frances”.
  • GabriellaGabriella is the Italian feminine version of “Gabriel”. It works well when paired with a brother or other male relative with the masculine name, or even just to use for its powerful meaning of “God is my strength”.
  • Gia Gia is a simple Italian name used for girls that has strong staying power. Many enjoy it for its cute simplicity as well as its religious meaning of “God's gracious gift”.
  • IsabellaIsabella is a well-known name for girls with Italian origins that also stems as a Latinate version of the name “Isabel”. With a cute meaning of “pledged to God”, its success is largely found in the fact that it's a truly international name that crosses cultures easily.
  • LunaLuna is a beautiful Italian name used for girls that means “moon”. It is beloved not just for its lyrical-like sound, but it's also appreciated by parents who enjoy mythology as it's the name of a Roman goddess.
  • MarcellaMarcella is the Italian name that has strong historic roots to the point that it makes for a more vintage name for a baby girl. It's backed with a bold and unrelenting meaning of “warlike”.
  • MiaMia is an Italian girl's name that originated as a shorter version of “Maria”. It means “mine or bitter”.
  • Patrizia Patrizia is an Italian take on the name “Patricia”. It has an obvious feminine feel that comes with a few cute nicknames like “Patti”.
  • RomaRoma is an Italian place name. It works for parents who seek a bold girl's name with obvious cultural roots with an unmistakable sound.
  • Rosa Rosa, with its Italian roots, serves as a Latin version of the name “Rose”. It's a charming, sweet, and simple name for girls.
  • SerafinaSerafina is a stylish girl's name with Italian roots. Meaning “ardent”, this lovely name can also be spelled “Seraphina” and have the same impact.
  • SiennaSienna is both an Italian name and a color name used for girls. It's a vibrant option that's easily used cross various cultures.
  • Via Via can work as a nickname or given name with Italian roots. It is fitting for a shortened version of names like “Oliva” or even be used to name a little girl after a female relative.
  • ViolaViola is of Italian origins that's commonly used for girls. Meaning “violet”, it's a lyrical-like name that is easy to say and lovely to look at.
  • ViolettaVioletta is a vibrant Italian name that takes a more direct approach to describing “purple”. In fact, it can be a more elevated version of “Violet”.

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