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Francesca is an Italian baby name meaning “free man” or “from France”. Francesca is preferred to the related name Frances and popular among parents looking for a posh, refined name for their little girl.

Meaning of the name Francesca:

Italian: from France or free man

Origin of the name Francesca:

Francesa is the Italian form of the name Frances which means “free man”. Francesca can also indicate a woman who is from France.

Symbolism of the name Francesca:

The name Francesca can be traced back to the name of a Germanic tribe called the Franks. The Franks were named for a distinctive type of spear that they carried.

Francesca baby name

Style of the name Francesca:


Gender of the name Francesca:

Francesca is a girl's name.

Pronunciation of the name Francesca:

fran-CHEHS-ka (Italian), frən-SEHS-kə (Catalan)

Number of syllables in the name Francesca:


Emotion evoked from the name Francesca:

Francesca evokes feelings of refinement and intelligence.

Alternative spellings for the name Francesca:


Nicknames for the name Francesca:

Popularity of the name Francesca:

According to the Social Security Administration, Francesca is a girl’s baby name that first became popular in 1953. Francesca was most popular in the mid 90’s.

Related names for the name Francesca:

Great middle names for the name Francesca and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Francesca:

Francescas in popular culture:

  • Francesca Altifiorla (literature, “Kept in the Dark” by Anthony Trollope)
  • Francesca “Fancy” Monroe (television, “The Jamie Foxx Show”)
  • Francesca Wolffgirl (television, “The L Word”)
  • Francesca Hollingsworth (television, “Degrassi” and “Degrassi: Next Class”)
  • Francesca Alanmain (television, “Lip Service”)
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