From Angelica to Juno to Sophia and beyond, each of these girl names that mean guardian angel is delightful and feminine. Explore these options and find a name for your little girl that resonates. Take a look!

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  • Agnola Agnola is a name that means “angel” in Greek and “pure” in Italian. It is related to the vintage name Agnes.
  • Alya Alya is an Arabic name that means “heavenly, sky, heaven, loftiness” and evokes angelic emotions. It also means “to ascend” in Hebrew.
  • Anahera Anahera is a Maori name that means “angel”. It is the phonetic spelling of the word angel in the Maori language.
  • AngelaAngela is the classic girl’s name that means “angel”. It was popular as far back as the 18th-century, but popularity remains strong even now. Angela ranked #251 as recently as 2020.
  • AngelicaAngelica is a Greek name that means “messenger” or “angelic”. The poets Boiardo and Ariosto used the name in poems as far back as the mid-1400s, but it didn’t come into common usage until the 18th-century.
  • Angeni Angeni is an Algonquian name that means “angel” or “spirit”. It is an adaptation of the English term angel into the language which lacks an “L” sound.
  • Aniela Aniela is the Polish version of Angela. It offers a fresh alternative to the more popular name that has been popular in France as well as Poland.
  • Anzhela Anzhela is the Russian and Ukrainian form of the name Angela. It also boasts the beautiful diminutives Anzhelika and Alya.
  • Arella Arella is a Hebrew name that means “messenger of God, angel”. Arella is a beautiful alternative to the more common Angela.
  • Atchara Atchara is a Thai name meaning “angel”. It can also be spelled as Archara.
  • Celine Celine is a French name that means “heavenly”. Celine is best known for the famous musical artist Celine Dion.
  • CharmaineCharmaine means “angel of harmony”. Charmaine is the guardian angel of musicians and singers.
  • Domina Domina is an English name meaning “of the Lord”. Domina is the feminine form of Dominic and is related to a type of angel called domains.
  • EvangelineEvangeline means “bearer of good news”. The name is associated with angels, who were traditionally messengers of God.
  • Fereshteh Fereshteh is a Persian name that means “angel”. It is common in predominantly Muslim countries like Iran and Iraq but hasn’t quite made the jump to the US.
  • GabrielleGabrielle is a French name that means “God is my strength”. The name is popular in the UK and the US. It is a feminine form of the name Gabriel, alongside variant spelling Gabriella. Gabriel is one of the archangels in Judeo-Christian theology.
  • Gloria Gloria means “glory”. Gloria comes from Biblical texts where it is a hymn of praise, specifically the “Gloria in Excelsis Deo” or “Hymn of the Angels”.
  • Juno Juno means “youth” and was the Greek queen of the gods. Juno was also the feminine equivalent of the Greek guardian spirit Genius.
  • Lieke Lieke is a Dutch name that means “angelic, messenger”. Lieke is a diminutive of Angelique.
  • Mariangela – Mariangela is a Spanish name that combines Maria with angel. This name evokes the name of Jesus’ mother, Mary, who is venerated as a powerful protective figure in Catholic tradition.
  • MichelleMichelle is means “who is like God?” is a classically feminine name that was at peak popularity in the 1970s and 80s. It is a feminine form of Michael, who was one of the archangels.
  • Rabia Rabia means “spring” in Arabic. Rabia was one of ten angels that accompanied the sun as it traveled through the sky.
  • SeraphinaSeraphina is a Hebrew name that means “ardent, fiery”. Seraphina is a feminine adaptation of the term “seraphim” which is a type of angel in the Hebrew Bible.
  • SophiaSophia is a Greek name that means “wisdom”. In some traditions, Sophia is an angel who helped to create the world. The Hagia Sophia is a famous church located in modern day Istanbul.
  • Zera Zera is a Hebrew name that means “seed”. Zera is associated with plants, growth, and the harvest.

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