Angelica dates back to the fifteenth century in popular culture and the eighteenth century when considering names for daughters. Despite being around for centuries, Angelica did not become popular in America until the mid-twentieth century. This angelic name is now a top 600 option.

Meaning of the name Angelica:

Latin: angel, angelic, messenger of God

Origin of the name Angelica:

The baby name Angelica comes from the Latin word “angelicus.” This word was used to create the Greek name Angelos, which Angelica became a variation of. The name was first used in poems called “Orlando,” and became a common first name in the 1700s.

Symbolism of the name Angelica:

Angelica means “messenger of God” as these were what angels were according to the Bible. The Latin word “angelicus” that the name ultimately comes from also means “angelic,” while the Greek name Angelos means “messenger.”

Style of the name Angelica:


Gender of the name Angelica:

Angelica is a common name for baby girls.

Pronunciation of the name Angelica:


Number of syllables in the name Angelica:


Emotion evoked from the name Angelica:

Angelica feels kind, sweet, and wholesome. It is serious, natural, and classical.

Alternative spellings for the name Angelica:

  • Angelika
  • Angyalka
  • Anjelica 
  • Angellica
  • Angelyca

Nicknames for the name Angelica:

Popularity of the name Angelica:

Angelica has been on the Social Security top 1,000 list since the mid-twentieth century. It became a top 200 name in 1980, remaining there until 2005. Angelica was actually a top 100 name at rank 98 in 1993 and rank 97 in 1996. In 2020, Angelica was rank 573.

Related names for the name Angelica:

Great middle names for Angelica and their meanings:

  • Rosaria (rosary)
  • Callie (beautiful)
  • Nell (shining light)
  • Beatrice (she who makes happy)
  • Celeste (heavenly)
  • Primrose (first rose)

Famous people with the name Angelica:

  • Angelica Church (sister-in-law of Alexander Hamilton)
  • Angelica Bridges (actress, “Baywatch”)
  • Angelica Lee (actress, “Red Circle”)
  • Angelica Mandy (actress, “Vanity Fair”)
  • Angelica di Silvestri (pro skier)

Angelicas in popular culture:

  • Angelica Pickles (character from “Rugrats”)
  • Angelica (character from “Sky Dancers”)
  • Angelica Turing (character from “Sense8”)
  • Angelica Schuyler (character from “Hamilton” musical)