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Beatrice has an old-fashioned feel, making it now popular among parents who love using vintage names. This is a trend to watch closely as this name option is already almost a top 500 again. Beatrice did spend many years in the early twentieth century, however, on the top 50 list.

Meaning of the name Beatrice:

Italian: she who brings happiness, blessed

Origin of the name Beatrice:

Beatrice is the Italian version of the Latin baby name Beatrix. This name came from the Latin word “beatus.” Dante Alighieri loved a woman with the name Beatrice Portinari in the thirteenth century, using the name in his “Divine Comedy.”

Symbolism of the name Beatrice:

The Latin word that the original Beatrix comes from, “beatus,” gives Beatrice its meaning. This word means “blessed” or “happy.”

Baby name Beatrice

Style of the name Beatrice:


Gender of the name Beatrice:

Beatrice is an old-fashioned baby name option for girls.

Pronunciation of the name Beatrice:


Number of syllables in the name Beatrice:


Emotion evoked from the name Beatrice:

Beatrice feels old-fashioned and kind. It is a cute name if you want one with a vintage feel for your daughter.

Alternative spellings for the name Beatrice:

Nicknames for the name Beatrice:

  • Bea
  • Tris
  • Trix
  • Trixie
  • Trixy
  • Bee
  • Bay
  • Betty 
  • Bettie

Popularity of the name Beatrice:

Beatrice was a top 100 name until 1934 in America, with a spot on the top 50 list from 1902 to 1925. The name did drop off in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries, but it is starting to climb the ranks again. As of 2020, Beatrice is rank 550 for girls.

Related names for the name Beatrice:

Great middle names for Beatrice and their meanings:

  • Clara (clear, famous)
  • March (borderland, frontier)
  • Wren (small bird)
  • Raine (she is singing, queen)
  • Pearl (precious)
  • Anne (favor, grace)
  • Nellie (horn, sun ray)
  • Prue (redoubtable warrior)

Famous people with the name Beatrice:

  • Beatrice Arthur (actress, “The Golden Girls”)
  • Beatrice Benaderet (actress, “The Beverly Hillbillies”)
  • Beatrice Miller (reality TV star, “The X Factor”)
  • Beatrice Feodore (daughter of Queen Victoria)
  • Beatrice Portinari (inspirational woman for the “Divine Comedy”)
  • Beatrice Wood (avant garde artist)
  • Beatrice Caslaru (Olympic swimmer)

Beatrices in popular culture:

  • Beatrice Prior (character from “Divergent”)
  • Beatrice (character from “Much Ado About Nothing”)
  • Beatrice Duke (character from “Nothing Much to Do” web series)
  • Beatrice Quimby (character from “Ramona” novels)
  • Beatrice Carbone (character from “A View from the Bridge”)
  • Beatrice Baudelaire (character from “A Series of Unfortunate Events”)
  • Beatrice Leep (character from “Hoot”)