This list of Latin baby names for girls is filled with some beautiful and meaningful options. Peruse the list — from Ruby to Joanna to Lucy and beyond — and find the perfect name for your daughter!

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  • LucyLucy is a feminine moniker with strong Latin roots. Translated from said tongue, it means light.
  • SerenityParents of varying cultures might opt to designate newborn girls Serenity. The name symbolizes peace.
  • RubyRuby is a female Latin moniker. This honorific is emblematic of a precious stone or jewel.
  • VivianThis lasting and elegant Latin title is often bestowed upon girls. Its literal translation is life. Moreover, though once considered an old, stodgy name, the denomination is once again gaining favor.
  • MariaMany parents choose the Latin-originating title Maria for newborn daughters. It is that tongue's variant of Mary, the Mother of God.
  • ValeriaValeria a Latin-based girl's name. The designation symbolizes strength and health. Language historians maintain that the title dates back to the earliest portion of the predominantly Latin-speaking era.
  • JuneThis girls's denomination is credited to the Latin tongue. It honors the summer month of the same name and the Goddess Juno.
  • DianaLatin-speaking adults often denominate newborn girls Diana. The title translates to divine. Though often attributed to many noteworthy subjects, few are more renowned than the late English princess Diana Spencer.
  • JoannaJoanna is a popular Latin-rooted moniker given to girls. The honorific symbolizes God's grace and is the Latin version of the Greek title Ioanna.
  • CelesteThis Latin name is commonly handed down to newborn females. Translated from said language, it means heavenly.
  • VeronicaVeronica is a lasting name possessing Latin origins. The designation carries two specific meanings: one who brings victory and a true image. Believe it or not, Veronica is also the Latin version of the name Berenice.
  • FelicityThis is a feminine title with deep Latin roots. Felicity symbolizes happiness. Moreover, it has grown in popularity in the United States following a hit 1990's television series.
  • TrinityTrinity is a name dating back to the early days of the Catholic Church. The moniker means three and celebrates the Holy Trinity.
  • RoseRose is a common feminine name traced back to the Latin tongue. As one might expect, the title symbolizes flowers. Additionally, language historians suggest that the moniker derives from the similar sounding Rosa.
  • ClaraThis is a Latin-based girl's title. It is emblematic of virtues like clarity and wisdom.
  • LillianLillian is a respected female designation with history in the Latin tongue. The name translates to the phrase pledged to God. Possessors shorten the name to abridge Lily.
  • NovaThis Latin-originating name is often bestowed upon newborn girls. It means new.
  • StellaThe feminine title Stella carries notable Latin roots. Its actual translation equates to star. The designation first rose to prominence following a 1590 poem by noted writer Sir Philip Sydney in which the protagonist shared said denomination.
  • AuroraAurora is girl's name tracing back to the Roman empire. The honorific celebrates the dawn. Additionally, Aurora honors the Roman Goddess of the Sunrise.
  • Allegra This Latin-originating female denomination has been in existence for many centuries. It means joy.
  • Virginia Adherents to the Latin tongue or culture often choose to name newborn daughters Virginia. The moniker connotes purity and chastity.
  • Sylvia Sylvia is a feminine moniker that originated in Latin speak but has been embraced by many other nations and cultures. The name translates to forest. It has several accepted spellings and one of its most famous holders is writer Sylvia Plath.
  • Regina This powerful girl's honorific is a child of the Latin language. The moniker means queen. Furthermore, it is the feminine variant of Regis, which means king.
  • MirandaMiranda is a Latin name given to girls. It means admirable.
  • MarinaThe feminine Latin title Marina's origins date back thousands of years. Historians maintain that the designation symbolizes those hailing from the sea or ocean.

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