Latin is one of the oldest spoken languages. This tongue, most often used during ancient Roman times, is noted for contributing many classic phrases to popular vernacular, and was employed in Catholic Church services for centuries. Ergo, no one should be surprised the tongue has spawned countless common names bestowed upon newborn children to this day. Peruse this list of stunning Latin baby names and find the perfect name for your little one.

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  • Taurean Taurean is a gender-neutral name parents of various cultures might name a newborn son. The moniker symbolizes one possessing bull-like strength.
  • Nety This is a Latin unisex title. Nety means priceless one.
  • Meris Individuals of varying cultures may choose to bestow this gender-neutral Latin honorific upon a newborn baby. The English translation of said designation is one hailing from the sea.
  • JulianJulian is a Latin moniker handed down to girls and boys. The title celebrates youth.
  • AdrianThis Latin denomination is a quite popular gender-neutral honorific. In literal terms, it is translated to describe persons originating in the famed northern Italian region known as Adria.
  • Mauritz Mauritz is a Latin title bestowed upon boys. This designation honors the legacy left by the Moorish people.
  • Miliana Parents might designate newborn daughters with this powerful Latin denomination. The moniker describes an eager or industrious female. Moreover, it is a shortened and feminized version of the male honorific Emiliano.
  • Urbain Urbain is a boy's name carrying Latin roots. In said language, the designation connotes one living in or coming from the city. The title can also be spelled Urban, which is the name of numerous Popes.
  • Undine Persons versed in Latin may opt to name baby girls Undine. The name recognizes short waves of attributes like strength and brilliance. Additionally, in various mythologies, Undine represents the spirit of water.
  • Fedele Fedele is a Latin name often given to newborn boys. This title celebrates those possessing honesty and faithfulness. Different cultures have adopted alternate spellings. Arguably, the most famous subject holding such title is the late Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.
  • Vania This is a Latin moniker bestowed upon girls. In said tongue, Vania means the bearer of good news. One of its more current noted holders is American tennis player Vania King.
  • Verge Latin-speaking parents might name a newborn boy Verge. The honorific recognizes the famed Roman poet Virgil.
  • Orilla Orilla is Latin girl's name. The title denotes an announcement from the Gods.
  • Desi This boy's name possesses Latin roots. Desi translates to desired. Arguably, its most famous holder is the late bandleader and 1950's television star Desi Arnaz.
  • Nella Nella is a girl's name holding Latin origins. The title symbolizes a horn. Furthermore, name historians suggest that the moniker is a take off from titles like Cornelia and Nelly.
  • JovannySubjects employing the Latin tongue may choose to title newborn sons Jovanny. This designation possesses two distinct definitions: father of the sky and God is gracious.
  • Anora Anora is a Latin-originated title bestowed upon girls. It means honor and has other accepted spellings.
  • Ignatius This ancient Latin designation is awarded to male children. Its literal translation is intense or burning desire.
  • TerraTerra is a noted Latin girl's name. The name recognizes the earth. In Roman mythology, Terra is the Goddess of the Earth.
  • Ezio New parents fond of the Latin tongue may designate newborn sons Ezio. The honorific means eagle.
  • Arela Arela is a Latin name commonly handed down to newborn females. Its literal translation is golden and historians maintain that the moniker is an abridged version of Aurelia.
  • Benito This Latin-rooted denomination is awarded to newborn male children. It means blessed. Arguably, its most famous holder is the late Italian dictator Benito Mussolini.
  • Sidra This Latin name is given to girls. Language experts suggest that the title symbolizes stars.
  • QuentinQuentin is a boy's name carrying Latin origins. It means the fifth.
  • Lauda Neophyte Latin-conversing parents may choose to name newborn daughters Lauda. The honorific equates to praise.

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