If you're looking for an impactful yet feminine name for your daughter, any of the options on this list of Native American baby names for girls delivers! From Olathe to Bly and beyond, each is unique and beautiful. Take a look!

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  • Halyn Parents holding Native American roots might name newborn daughters Halyn. The title honors uniqueness.
  • TallulahTallulah is a feminine name possessing Native American origins. Though the title translates to leaping water, it is thought to be one of the most popular female names given. Moreover, it has enjoyed considerable favor in other cultures.
  • Winnie This is a title handed down to Native American girls. Winnie holds several meanings, such as smooth, fair, pure, and happy.
  • Winona Native American parents might name first born daughters Winona. Ironically enough, the title translates to first born daughter. Arguably, its most famous holder is celebrated actress Winona Ryder.
  • Shylie Shylie is a feminine Native American denomination. The title symbolizes silence.
  • Pocahontas This time-honored and traditional Native American name is bestowed upon newborn girls. The moniker celebrates playfulness. One of the more famed title holders is the historical figure of the same name who is recognized for helping establish the first colonial settlement in Jamestown, Virginia.
  • Oyintsa This female title is given to Native American girls. It symbolizes the winter duck.
  • Olathe Olathe is Native American girl's name. The moniker symbolizes beauty.
  • Pillan This name is often bestowed upon girls born into Native American families. It honors a similarly named Goddess of tumultuous or unsettling weather.
  • Nakomins Nakomins is a somewhat common name for Native American girls. This title translates to daughter of the moon.
  • MaliaSubjects of Native American heritage might title a newborn daughter Malia. The name celebrates calmness and tranquility. Moreover, the honorific is the Native American version of the biblical moniker Mary.
  • Esadowa Esadowa is title handed down to Native American girls. This designation honors the legacy of the heap wolves.
  • Doba Those respecting Native American culture might designate newborn daughters Doba. The name means no war or peace.
  • Bly Bly is a Native American girl's moniker. It symbolizes height or tallness.
  • Mahavee This is a female Native American title. It means motherly.
  • Tayen Native American parents might choose to designate newborn daughters Tayen. The denomination translates to new moon.
  • Liseli Liseli is a Native American honorific given to girls. In Native tongues, it means light or brightness.
  • KaiThis is a Native American girl's name. Kai symbolizes the willow tree. Though the name has grown increasingly popular in Native American circles in recent times, it has also gained favor amongst other cultures and nationalities.
  • Koko Koko is a feminine name Native American subjects might name newborn girls. The title carries multiple meanings including black foot and night.
  • Halona This Native American name is sometimes bestowed upon baby girls. It symbolizes wealth or good fortune.
  • Abedabun Adedabun is a traditional Native American name given to girls. The title means dawn and celebrates the sight of the new day. Additionally, the honorific can trace its roots back to the Chippewa tribe.
  • Aviaja This feminine name is a name popularly awarded to Native American newborns. Its principle definition is positive. However, the moniker also celebrates expressiveness.
  • Enola Enola is a girl's name often given to newborn daughters. The title symbolizes the magnolia flower.
  • Kabecka This is a feminine moniker given to those born of Native American heritage. Kabecka translates to twin.
  • Mika Parents of Native American extraction might name a newborn daughter Mika. The honorific symbolizes the raccoon.

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