The ability to change or adapt is a critical attribute to have in life. Transformation help societies and people evolve and advance. Oftentimes, cultures celebrate this ability through the development of names given to newborn boys and girls. If you want to celebrate this attribute, explore this list of baby names that mean transformation and find the perfect name for your little one.

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  • Kit – This moniker is bestowed upon both boys and girls. Kit's heritage is Greek. In said tongue, the denomination translates into the saying hopeful for a new future. A famous holder is the late American frontiersman Kit Carson.
  • Nova – Nova is a gender-neutral title. In Latin, the designation symbolizes newness.
  • Phoenix – This is a unisex honorific. Many know that Phoenix is a major American city. What others might not realize is that the name is also Greek for reincarnation. In the ancient and celebrated culture's mythology, the Phoenix is a powerful bird representing rebirth.
  • Tan – The offering Tan could be awarded to newborn males and females. The designation possesses Vietnamese roots and recognizes fresh or new beginnings.
  • Rene – Mothers and fathers of French extraction of those familiar with said language might honor an infant son or daughter with the title Rene. It means rebirth. In addition, several different spellings are recognized.
  • Ordell – Ordell is a boy's name. It enjoys English heritage and symbolizes new beginnings.
  • Amaryllis – Greek Moms and Dads may opt to designate newborn daughters Amaryllis. In the olden tongue, the name embodies freshness and newness. Furthermore, it is a classification of flower.
  • Janmay – This male title's shares Italian and Indian origins. In those languages, Janmay exemplifies new beginnings and rebirth.
  • Zelenka – Zelenka is a feminine honorific holding Czech ancestry. In the Czech tongue, the offering honors new or fresh persons or materials.
  • Ankur – Persons conversing in the Hindi dialect could choose the moniker Ankur for infant boys. The denomination celebrates new life.
  • Kady – The female label Kady first took hold in Ireland. In Irish, the offering means the first.
  • Neander – Neander is a title bestowed upon boys. In Greek, it represents the new man.
  • Usha – The Hindu faith boasts the ancestry of this feminine title. It symbolizes the dawn and is still commonly handed down by adherents of the religion.
  • Vihaan – Language historians maintain that this male offering was first recorded during a time when Sanskrit was widely used to communicate. The denomination recognizes the beginning of a new era.
  • Wahuj – Urdu speakers may favor Wahuj as an appropriate name for infant daughters. In the tongue spoken in southeastern Asia, the moniker exemplifies new beginnings and the first light of day. Moreover, it is most often awarded by followers of the Muslim faith.
  • Zoran – This male label was born out of various Slavic languages. It celebrates a new day's beginnings or the first light.
  • Chava – New Hebrew-conversing parents may designate baby girls Chava. In the tongue spoken by numerous Jewish people, Chava represents life. In addition, the offering is the Hebrew version of the biblical moniker Eve.
  • Amil – Amil is a masculine designation. In Arabic, it means hope or new beginning.
  • Dagny – Girls born to Scandinavian mothers and fathers might receive the honorific Dagny. The moniker honors the new day.
  • Novak – Novak is a boy's designation. In various Slavic tongues, the label honors newcomers. A celebrated current bearer is tennis superstar Novak Djokovic.
  • Oriana – French-speaking subjects often title newborn daughters Oriana. When translated from the popular European language, the honorific celebrates the sunrise.
  • Shinichi – This boy's name is typically given to sons born to Japanese Moms and Dads. The moniker honors newness and freshness.
  • Zera – Zera is a feminine denomination possessing Hebrew heritage. In the ancient language, the name symbolizes beginnings.
  • Navin – This boy's name is popular in India. When interpreted from various Indian dialects, Navin recognizes newness.
  • Chloe – Chloe is a popular girl's name. Though commonly handed down in numerous cultures, the name's origins are Greek. It is derived from the Greek title Demeter, who was the ancient Greek Goddess of blooming plants.

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