The ability to change and transform is a beautiful thing. Celebrate that beauty by selecting one of these boy names that mean transformation. From Newman and Xavier and beyond, each of these names is handsome and impactful.

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  • XavierXavier is a classic male moniker. The label's roots are Arabic and personifies new homes. A noted holder was the late bandleader Xavier Cugat.
  • Svale This name's history dates back to the Norman period. In said language, Svale exemplifies freshness.
  • Irvin The masculine denomination Irvin holds Scottish ancestry. In Scottish, the name honors fresh-faced persons.
  • Newman English-speaking Moms and Dads might bestow the offering Newman on newborn boys. The title honors newcomers. It is also a common surname.
  • Raanan Raanan is a male moniker possessing biblical origins. Language experts maintain that the label honors freshness. The designation is also a recognized surname. A noted bearer is American sports journalist Jordan Raanan.
  • Primus This Latin denomination is handed down to newborn boys. It means prime or the first.
  • Newbury The male name Newbury owes its existence to the English language. It represents new settlements and is also commonly seen as a surname.
  • Neville Neville is a boy's title holding French origins. In English, the label personifies new towns or villages. One of its most famous bearers is the late British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain.
  • KiaKia is an African tribal designation awarded to boys. It represents a new season's beginning. Moreover, the moniker can be spelled using different accepted letter combinations.
  • Arata Persons either born into or fond of Japanese culture may title an infant son Arata. The denomination celebrates freshness and newness.
  • Anastasius In Greek, Anastasius symbolizes resurrection and rebirth. The moniker is also the masculine version of the similarly sounding Anastasia.
  • Arambh This Indian title is awarded to boys. It means the start or commencement.
  • Oighrig Oighrig's beginnings are rooted in the Gaelic tongue. This male offering represents newness.
  • Primo Italian speakers might choose Primo as a title for baby boys. In English, the name means first.
  • Aadi Aadi is a man's name holding Sanskrit origins. The offering represents the beginning or inception.
  • NeoThis history of this male denomination can be traced back to the period when Latin was widely spoken. In the ancient language, Neo exemplifies newness. The name was made popular by the Matrix movies starring critically acclaimed actor Keanu Reeves as the namesake and protagonist.
  • Arun The male label Arun's language ancestry is Sanskrit. In the olden communication form, the moniker symbolizes the dawn.
  • Altan Turkish mothers and fathers commonly name newborn sons Aftan. In said language, the designation personifies the dawn.
  • Von This classic and regal masculine honorific possesses German and Norwegian roots. In English, Von exemplifies hope and new beginnings.
  • Shachar The language origins of this boy's name are Hebrew. In that tongue, Shachar celebrates the dawn. Additionally, the moniker is a variant of Shahar, a noted God of the Dawn in the ancient lands of Ugarit.
  • Janus Janus is the name of a famous Roman God. The male label honors said culture's Deity of New Beginnings.
  • Sabik Persons born in the Arabic-speaking world might name baby boys Sabik. In English, it honors the first.
  • Rohit Rohit is a popular Indian boys designation. When interpreted from several of the country's dialects, the denomination honors the sunrise and the dawn of the new day.
  • Tadesse This male title is widely handed down in Ethiopia by individuals conversing in the Amharic language. In said tongue, Tadesse means renewed.
  • Avil The masculine name Avil was first recorded in Germany. When interpreted from German, it represents renewal.

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