Strong, rugged, resilient … all are words to describe stones. And BOYS! From Peter, which means stone and rock, to Upal, which symbolizes stone, and so many more, each of these boy names that mean stone is robust and masculine. Take a look!

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  • Carrick Language historians suggest that this male moniker holds Welsh and Celtic roots. In said tongues, Carrick embodies rock.
  • Pero This title was first seen in Croatia. When interpreted from the Southern-European tongue, Pero symbolizes rock and stone.
  • Roark Roark is a name possessing Scottish and Celtic ancestry. It means rock.
  • Craig The roots of this popular boy’s name were first planted in Scotland. It represents rock. A famed bearer is Emmy-winning actor Craig T. Nelson.
  • Ackley Ackley is an English title awarded to boys. It means stone.
  • Clive This name can be traced back to a period when Old English was popularly spoken. Clive symbolizes rock. One celebrated current bearer is actor Clive Owen.
  • PeterMany might not realize that the world-renowned masculine moniker Peter’s heritage is Greek. In said language, it means stone and rock. Arguably, its most famous holder is Jesus’s close disciple Saint Peter.
  • Rochester Some people know that Rochester is a city in states like New York and Minnesota. That said, it is also a male label possessing English origins. It symbolizes rock. Additionally, it stands for fortresses.
  • Wolfstan Those versed in Old English titles might designate newborn boys Wolfstan. The denomination exemplifies the wolf’s stone.
  • Upal Indian mothers and fathers might name infant sons Upal. When interpreted from numerous of the Asian country’s dialects, the offering symbolizes stone.
  • StanleyStanley is another male moniker possessing Old English roots. It means stone.
  • Ailin Persons of Mapuche heritage might designate infant males Ailin. In their native tongue, the name personifies rock.
  • Cairn Individuals holding Scottish or Celtic ethnicity may opt to title baby boys Cairn. The moniker exemplifies a mound of stones.
  • Torsten Torsten is a male denomination owing its existence to Scandinavian languages. When translated from tongues such as Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian, the label honors Thor’s stone. In Norse mythology, Thor was the God of Thunder and War.
  • Silu This name is given to boys. Upon interpretation from numerous Indian dialects, Silu signifies rock.
  • PierrePierre is a masculine offering typically awarded to newborn boys of French heritage. The name means rock and is the French version of Peter.
  • Torma The seeds of this male moniker were planted in Tibet. In Tibetan, Torma personifies a magic rock.
  • Stanford This English designation is bestowed upon infant males. It represents the stony ford. Stanford, one of America’s finest universities was named after the acclaimed former California Governor Leland Stanford.
  • MasonMason is an English boy’s name. It honors the stone worker.
  • Halston Persons with English backgrounds might name newborn sons Halston. It exemplifies the hallowed stone. A famed namesake is the late fashion designer Halston.
  • DustinMany might not realize that the male moniker Dustin’s ancestry in Norwegian. In the Scandinavian tongue, the name means Thor’s stone. Moreover, it also salutes brave warriors. A noted holder is the late actor Dustin Diamond.
  • Sten This Swedish title is handed down to boys. In the Northern-European language, Sten means stone.
  • AxtonIndividuals of English extraction might label infant boys Axton. The denomination symbolizes the sword stone.
  • Wystan Wystan is a masculine title. In English, it embodies the battle stone.
  • Sixten This name was first seen during the era when Old Norse was widely bantered in. In said language, Sixten personifies the stone or victory.

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