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Stanley is a staple among favorite baby names for boys. Originally a posh surname, Stanley sustained cultured overtones while becoming highly accessible in popular media today. Stanley Kowalski is the main male character in A Streetcar Named Desire, and Stanley Yelnats is the protagonist of Holes by Louis Sachar. Keep reading to learn more about this baby name.

Meaning and Origin of the name Stanley:

Stanley is an English boy's name that means “stony field” or “stone meadow.”

Stanley derives from the Old English elements stān (meaning “stone”) and lēah (meaning “meadow,” “clearing,” or “field”). The name referred to the stone clearings that later became sustainable communities. Well-known English counties with towns bearing this name include Derbyshire, Durham, and Gloucester.

Symbolism of the name Stanley:

Stanley is an English name that means “stone clearing.” It originated as a surname assigned to people who resided near villages of the same name. Stanley is one of the oldest English surnames, and it was an important hereditary name in the Earldom of Derby and the Kingdom of Mann. Symbols of the coat of arms for Stanley include the buck head and the crown.

Style of the name Stanley:


Gender of the name Stanley:


Pronunciation of the name Stanley:


Number of syllables in the name Stanley:


Emotion evoked from the name Stanley:

The name Stanley evokes feelings of sophistication and stamina.

Alternative spellings for the name Stanley:

  • Stanly
  • Stanlee
  • Stanleigh
  • Stanlea

Nicknames for the name Stanley:

If you'd like nickname options for the name Stanley, then check out this list. We have compiled a list of fun and cute nicknames for anyone named Stanley. Hopefully you find one you like that fits your child. Finding the right nickname is just as important as picking out the right name for your baby. Many people use nicknames for their children, and you want it to be just right.

  • Stan 
  • Stanny
  • Stannie
  • Stannis
  • Tan
  • Lee 
  • Lay

Popularity of the name Stanley:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Stanley was the 732nd baby name for boys in 2020. Stanley was the 680th most popular baby boy name in 2019 and the 706th most popular baby name for boys in 2018.

Great middle names for Stanley and their meanings:

  • Adler (eagle)
  • Bryan (high, noble)
  • Chandler (candle maker)
  • Elmer (noble, famous)
  • Ernest (serious, sincere)
  • Herbert (bright army, illustrious warrior)
  • Memphis (enduring beauty)
  • Patrick (nobleman)
  • Russell (little red one)
  • Salvatore (savior)
  • Timon (honor, esteem)

Famous people with the name Stanley:

  • Stanley “Stan” Taylor Adams (Medal of Honor recipient)
  • Stanley Eric Francis Booth-Clibborn (Anglican bishop)
  • Stanley Dwayne Brundy (basketball player)
  • Stanley Louis Cavell (philosopher)
  • Stanley Isaac Chera (real estate developer)
  • Stanley Martin Lieber (comic book writer)
  • Stanley Cornwell Lewis (portrait painter)
  • Stanley Alan Plotkin (immunologist)
  • Stanley Jedidiah Samartha (theologian)
  • Stanley William Turrentine (jazz saxophonist)
  • Stanley Griff (titular protagonist of the Stanley series)
  • Stanley Ipkiss (main character in The Mask)
  • Stanley Kowalski (main male character in A Streetcar Named Desire)
  • Stanley “Stan” Shunpike (character in the Harry Potter franchise)
  • Stanley Yelnats (protagonist of Holes by Louis Sachar)
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