Whether you think of the word “creator” and envision a higher power or someone who likes to make things, each of these boy names that mean creator fits the bill. Explore these baby names — complete with meaning and origin — to find the best name for you son.

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  • Nagel The male title Nagel is German for nail maker. It is also a relatively common surname.
  • ChandlerChandler is a boy’s name. When translated from French, the moniker means candle maker.
  • Fletcher This offering’s roots are English. It means arrow maker and is derived from the French term flechier. The name is often remembered as the designation held by famous seafarer Fletcher Christian.
  • Shankara The honorific Shankara dates back to a time when Sanskrit was a popular communication form. Historians maintain that the male title salutes luck makers. In addition, it is an alternate name of the Hindu God Shiva.
  • Khayyam Arabic mothers and fathers might designate their infant sons Kkayyam. In said tongue, the moniker recognizes tent makers. A famous historical bearer is Persian poet Omar Khayyam.
  • Kiefer Kiefer is the English variation of the German term for barrel maker. The male denomination was made famous by action star Kiefer Sutherland.
  • Madhukar The origin of this boy’s name is Sanskrit. In the ancient language, Madhukar salutes bees, or the honey makers.
  • Wayne Wayne is a popular masculine offering. In its native English, the title symbolizes the wagon maker. One celebrated holder is actor Wayne Newton.
  • Naiche Native American mothers and fathers might denominate newborn boys Naiche. When interpreted from various Native American languages, Naiche means mischief maker.
  • BookerBooker is a masculine moniker possessing English heritage. It salutes book makers. A famous bearer is celebrated educator Booker T. Washington.
  • CordellCordell is an English title given to newborn boys. It means cord maker.
  • Abdul– This moniker owes its existence to the Urdu and Arabic tongues. In English, Abdul Baasit recognizes the creator. Moreover, the honorific is usually bestowed upon males born into the Muslim faith.
  • Arata The Japanese culture and language precipitated the male designation Arata. When interpreted from the widely spoken Asian tongue, the name symbolizes creation, newness, and freshness.
  • Dekle Dekle is an English denomination awarded to infant boys. It honors those capable of creating or possessing creative talents.
  • FinnThe name Finn’s cultural and language heritages are Scandinavian. In Scandinavian tongues, the title celebrates creative persons and builders.
  • MaverickThis is an American name handed down to boys. Maverick symbolizes a strong creator and independent thinker.
  • Roald Roald is a masculine title. In Norwegian, the name honors famous creators and rulers. A famous bearer is noted children’s author Roald Dahl.
  • Badih Moms and Dads born in or hailing from Arabic-speaking countries might denominate their infant sons Badih. This offering salutes the creator.
  • ArlenThis male title’s origins are Gaelic. In said language, Arlen recognizes subjects with creative minds. A celebrated holder is the late Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter.
  • Asier The Basque people and language provided the male name Asier to the world. It symbolizes beginnings and creation.
  • Kreo Kreo is a boy’s moniker. In Croatian, it means creator.
  • *nizio Inizio is an Italian designation. When interpreted from the Romance language, it honors beginnings and creations.
  • Udbhav The honorific Udbhav holds Sanskrit origins. The masculine name translates into the expression rising with glory.
  • Sachar This Hebrew title given to infant boys celebrates the dawn or creation of a new day. The moniker was quite popular in previous eras.
  • Abtum Abtum is a male designation. When interpreted from Parsi, it honors the creator of plentiful waters.

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