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Cordell is an English baby boy’s name that means “maker or seller of cord”. The name comes from a Middle English occupation surname. Cordell was popular for most of the 20th century but fell out of favor in 2009. Cordell is still a solid classic for any parents who want a weighty first name with excellent nickname potential.

Meaning of the name Cordell:

English: maker or seller of rope or cord

Origin of the name Cordell:

Cordell is a baby boy’s name that means “maker or seller of rope or cord”. The name comes from Middle English and was an occupational surname.

Symbolism of the name Cordell:

Cordell means “maker or seller of rope or cord”. The rope is something that has been made and used all over the world throughout history in one form or another, making it a common symbol in many cultures. The rope symbolizes unity, strength, confinement, and helping others.

Style of the name Cordell:


Gender of the name Cordell:

Cordell is a boy's name.

Pronunciation of the name Cordell:


Number of syllables in the name Cordell:


Emotion evoked from the name Cordell:

Cordell evokes feelings of independence and a love of adventure.

Alternative spellings for the name Cordell:

Cordel, Kordell, Kordel, Cordall, Cordal, Kordall, Kordal

Nicknames for the name Cordell:

  • Cor
  • Cory 
  • Cee
  • Dee
  • Dell
  • Delly
  • Ell

Popularity of the name Cordell:

According to the Social Security Administration, Cordell is a popular baby boy’s name. It was in the top 1000 baby boy’s name list from 1933 to 2008. It peaked at #531 in 1998.

Related names for the name Cordell:

Great middle names for the name Cordell and their meanings:

  • Gideon (hewer, having a stump for a hand)
  • Flint (born near outcrop of flint)
  • Ellison (son of Ellis)
  • Caspian (white)
  • Theodore (gift of God)
  • Sage (wise and knowing)
  • Jonah (dove)
  • Owen (young warrior, well-born)

Famous people with the name Cordell:

  • Cordell Cato (Trinidadian footballer)
  • Cordell “Boogie” Mosson (American bassist)
  • Cordell Miller Crockett (American bassist)
  • Cordell Broadus (son of rapper Snoop Dogg)
  • Cordell Jackson (American guitarist)

Cordell in popular culture:

  • Cordell Walker (television, “Walker: Texas Ranger”)
  • Dr. Cordell Doemling (literature, “Hannibal” by Thomas Harris)
  • Cordell (litearture, “Tir Alain” series by Anne Bishop)
  • Cordell (video games, “Red Dead Online”)
  • Cordell (media, “Forgotten Realms” universe)
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