For those who have an innate love and appreciation for nature, consider one of these baby names that mean forest for your little one. Glade, Oakley, Aspen … the list is filled with beautiful and unique options. Take a look and find the perfect fit!

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  • Aranya From Sanskrit, Aranya means ‘bountiful forest.’ The name is prevalent in Southeast Asia, where it is given to girls. In India, the name is more popular among boys.
  • ArdenArden has Germanic and Old English etymologies. From the English surname, it means ‘great forest,' referring to the Forest of Arden in Warwickshire.
  • AspenAspen is a gender-neutral name that hit the popularity charts in 1993. It's of Hebrew origin and refers to a ‘tree with heart-shaped leaves that quiver in the softest breeze.'
  • Berkeley From Old English, Berkeley means ‘birch tree,' ‘meadow,' or ‘clearing.' It's a genderless name.
  • Buck Buck refers to a deer, which often lives near the forest. It's an English-origin name given to boys.
  • Delano President Franklin Delano Roosevelt inspired this name. Delano comes from the French surname, meaning ‘from the forest of nut trees.'
  • Faunus Faunus is a Latin name. In Greek literature, Faunus refers to a ‘half-human half-goat figure that protects the forest.'
  • Forrest – Forrest means ‘dweller by the woods.’ It derives from the Old English surname Forest. The name soared after the release ofForrest Gump. It dipped for a while, then started climbing the charts again in 2013.
  • Glade Glade is a unisex moniker used in the Mormon community. It's a nature name, meaning ‘forest.'
  • Lam According to Vietnamese etymology, the name Lam means ‘forest.’ It’s a masculine moniker. However, it could also work for a girl since it sounds like lamb.
  • Lin The name Lin derives from the Anglo-Scottish moniker ‘Linwood,' which comprises the Arabic lima (lime) and the Old English wudu (wood). It means ‘the wood of lime trees.'
  • Mori A Japanese name, Mori, works for both genders. This name means ‘forest’ and has the alternate spelling, Morie.
  • Nahele Nahele means ‘forest' or ‘tree grove. This Hawaiian moniker fits a boy or girl.
  • OakleyOakley is a masculine English moniker that means ‘oak wood' or ‘clearing.' The name reached the top 1000 in 2013 and broke through the top 500 for boys and the top 300 for girls in 2020.
  • OliveDerived from the French Olivier, a word referring to the ‘olive tree.' If you’re looking for alternatives, try Oliver for a boy and Olivia for a girl. In Jaen, a Spanish province, there are over 64 million olive trees, making it the largest olive forest in the world.
  • Parker Parker is an occupational name similar to a Ranger. In fact, it means ‘keeper of the park' or ‘tasked with protecting the forest.' It is a unisex name of English origin.
  • Pineda From a surname originating in Spain, Pineda translates to ‘pine forest.' It makes a suitable choice for either gender.
  • Ranger Ranger is a French name referring to the ‘forest guardian.’ The name also means ‘warden’ and ‘watchman.’ In the military, a ranger is a specially trained soldier.
  • RiverThe name River conjures up images of cool tranquility. It also refers to a small stream of water, often flowing through the forest.
  • Sequoia A Native American moniker referring to the Redwood Tree, Sequoia, works for a boy or a girl. The name comes from a 19th-century scholar named Sequoyah, who created the Cherokee characters for reading and writing. The U.S. National Forest has 38 groves of Giant Sequoia trees in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California.
  • SierraSierra is a feminine moniker, meaning ‘from the jagged peaks of the mountain range.' The name comes from the Latin word serra, meaning saw.
  • Sylvian In addition to its French origin, the moniker Sylvian has roots in Norwegian and Swedish languages. It is a gender-neutral name that translates to ‘of the forest.'
  • WalkerWalker is a nonbinary moniker that points to an ‘officer charged with inspecting the forest grounds.' It has Old English and Germanic roots.
  • Xylo Xylo is a gender-fluid name, meaning ‘forest' or ‘woods.' It is of Greek origin.
  • Yardley The moniker Yardley comes from the English surname. It’s also a first name given to males and females, meaning ‘wood-clearing.'

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