If your family values nature and all of its arboreal beauty, then consider giving your newborn a moniker from this list of baby names that mean tree. Each is beautiful and nature-forward. Take a look!

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  • AshAsh is an English boy's name of the trees. Specifically, this name is taken from a specific variety of tree. Anyone who grew up with the “Pokemon” cartoon will likely think of series protagonist Ash Ketchum when they hear this name.
  • AshtonAshton is another arboreal English boy's name. It means “place of ash trees.”
  • AspenAspen is a unisex tree name from Hebrew. Specifically, this name means “quaking poplar” and is also a place name known for its skiing.
  • Aveline – Aveline is a French girl's name connected to trees. Specifically, this name means “hazelnut tree.”
  • AylaAyla is a girl's name in Turkish and Hebrew associated with trees. This name can mean “halo,” “moonlight” or “oak tree.” Ayla is also the name of a muscular cave girl party member in the Japanese RPG “Chrono Trigger.”
  • Berkeley Berkeley is a lush Old English name of unisex nature. The name itself means “Birch meadow or clearing.”
  • Cullen – Cullen is a green Irish name for boys. It means “holly tree.”
  • Eila – Ella is a Hebrew name for girls associated with trees. This name can mean “bright,” “oak,” or “shining light.” It is also a variant of the Norwegian name Elina.
  • ElowenElowen is a Cornish girl's name of greenery. This is a name that means “elm tree.”
  • Ewan – Ewan is a Scottish boy's name connected to forests. This name specifically means “born of the yew.” Ewan MacGregor is one of the most well-known Ewans in the modern day.
  • Kamani Kamani is an arboreal Hawaiian for boys or girls. This is the Hawaiian word for “tree.”
  • Karri – Karri is a unisex tree name of Scandinavian origin. While this name means “pure” it should be mentioned that a Karri is also a variety of tree that is native to southwestern Australia.
  • GenevaGeneva is a French girl's name of greenery. This name means “juniper tree” and is also more likely recognized as a place-name of Switzerland.
  • Grover – Grover is an English boy's name of elms. Specifically, this name means “he who lives near a tree grove.” Grover also happens to be the name of one of “Sesame Street's” many Muppet characters.
  • Idra Idra is an Aramaic name of unisex gender connected to trees. This name specifically translates as “fig tree.”
  • Ivo Ivo is a German name of the woods for boys. This name means either “wood of the yew” or “archer.” The full name of Sonic the Hedgehog's primary antagonist is Dr. Ivo Robotnik.
  • Laurie Laurie is an English unisex name of elms. This particular name means “laurel tree.” Known variant spellings include Lori and Laurie.
  • LennoxLennox is a Scottish boy's name for the green-thumbed. This name means “elm grove.” Lennox is a Scottish noble in the play “Macbeth.”
  • Linnea – Linneia is a Swedish girl's name tethered to trees. This name can mean either “twinflower” or “lime tree.”
  • Nash Nash is an English boy's name connected to greenery. The name means “by the ash tree,” making it an amazing name for the son of a man named Ash. Nash also happens to be the Japanese name of the martial artist character Sabin in “Final Fantasy VI.”
  • Nahele Nahele is a unisex Hawaiian name associated with forestry. This name means either “forest” or “grove of trees.” The proper pronunciation of this name would be “na-hay-lay.”
  • Olive/Olivia Olive/Olivia is an English girl's name with deep ties to the forest. This name can mean either “olive tree” or “forest.” Olivia is the rock-type gym leader of “Pokemon Sun and Moon.”
  • OrenOren is a Hebraic boy's name with ties to trees. This name can mean either “laurel” or “pine.”
  • RowanRowan is a unisex tree name of Scot-Irish origin. This name can refer to the tree of the same name or mean “little redhead.” The second meaning is likely in reference to the red berries that grow on rowan trees.
  • Sen Sen is a unisex name of the woods from Japan. The name can be used to mean “forest” or “wood” plus “elf” or “fairy.”
  • Yvette Yvette is a French girl's name bound to greenery. This name simply means “yew tree.”

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