Trees are strong and stunning. And their impact is felt by all who live and breathe. Give your son a name that is just as impactful — select a moniker from this list of boy names that mean tree. From Garrick to Adair to Elon and beyond, each is compelling and worthy of consideration — take a look!

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  • Ackley Ackley is a green-minded boy's name from English. It means “oak meadow.”
  • Adair Adair is an English and Irish boy's name of the green. This name means “oak grove” in Irish but its meaning changes to “fortunate” or “powerful” when you consider the English meaning.
  • Alder Alder is an Old English boy's name connected to trees. Specifically, this name refers to a species of tree. Alder is the name of the Pokemon League Champion in “Pokemon Black and White.”
  • Arvida Arvida is an English boy's name with green-minded origins. It can mean “from the eagle tree” or “meadow.”
  • AshlyAshly is an Old English lad's name connected to plants. It means “he who lives within an ash grove.”
  • BruceBruce is a Scottish boy's name involved greenery. The name means “willow woods” and Scotland's King Robert the Bruce is arguably one of the most famous Bruces in history. The fact that Batman's civilian name is Bruce Wayne certainly does not hurt choosing this as the name of your son.
  • Chan Chan is a Cambodian lad's name involving trees. This name means “sweet-smelling tree.”
  • Chane Chane is a French boy's name of the woods. This name means “oak-hearted.” This name is duosyllabic and should be pronounced “chah-nay.”
  • Elah Elah is a Hebrew boy's name bound to trees. This name means two specific types of tree known as “turpentine” and “Terebinth.”
  • ElonElon is a woody boy's name in Hebrew. It means “oak tree.”
  • Garrick Garrick is a rooted French boy's name. It means “oak grove.”
  • Harac Harac is a Czech boy's name of the woods. It means “from the ancient oak.”
  • Haslet Haslet is a woody, Celtic name for a son, It means “from the hazel's land.”
  • Hollis Hollis is an English boy's name of the natural world. It means “holly dweller.”
  • Iwdael Iwdael is a woody Welsh name for boys. It means “from the yew valley.” It should be pronounced “yew-day-el.”
  • KaiKai is a boy's name of the woods from Navajo. It means “willow.”
  • Lapu Lapu is a Native American boy's name involving trees. It means “bark of the cedar.”
  • Lindley Lindley is a German name for boys attuned to nature. It means “from the linden meadow.”
  • OliverOliver is a German boy's name affiliated with flora. It means “olive tree.”
  • Nikunja Nikunja is a Sanskit name for boys that might become druids. The name means “from groves of trees.”
  • Quesnel Quesnel is a quaint little French tree name for boys. It means “from the little oak.”
  • Selyyn Selyn is a perennial favorite boy's name from Greece. The name is derived from Sylvanus, the god of trees in Greek mythology.
  • Silvester Silvester is an American boy's names strongly affiliated with trees. It means “dweller of forests” or “originating from the trees.”
  • Tamir Tamir is a floral boy's name in Hebrew and Arabic. This name either refers to either someone bearing dates or an “owner of palm trees.”
  • Yves Yves is a green-minded German boy's name. It means “yew.”

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