11 Outstanding Deals At Costco Right Now (Sales Last Until June)

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11 Outstanding Deals At Costco Right Now (Sales Last Until June)

It’s almost summer, and that means some incredible sales on seasonal deals at Costco. We reviewed some of the best deals at our local Costco warehouse. Some of these sales end soon, but most don’t expire until June 9th.

Remember, not every Costco will have exactly the same items in their warehouses but most of these products can be found in most stores and some have lower prices in stores than you can find online.

Weber Genesis II E335 Propane Grill

Costco Genesis II E335 Gas Grill
  • Sale Price: $699.99
  • Normal Price: $799.99
  • Sale Expires: May 26th

The Weber Genesis II E335 has a 4.5-star review from 229 reviews on Costco’s website. If you try buying there, you’ll find it listed for $849.99. That means a trip to your local warehouse could save you an incredible $150.

Nutribullet Ultra Deluxe Single Serve Blender

Nutribullet at Costco
  • Sale Price: $89.99
  • Normal Price: $199.99
  • Sale Expires: June 9th

The Nutribullet scores a 4.4-star review on Costco’s website and is temporarily $30 off through June 9th. A recent review from Costco’s site was more than glowing:

“This is the first “bullet style” blender I have purchased. I usually use my Vitamix, but wanted something smaller and easier to clean to make a quick healthy smoothie. I am blown away by the power of this little machine, it is also very stable and very quiet for a blender. It took less than 30 seconds to power through all the ingredients including fresh fruit and ice cubes; perfectly blended and so smooth… and it only takes a few minutes to clean everything up, super easy! I can already see that I will use this a lot more than I thought I would, and for more than just smoothies. Highly recommend.”

Shark 2-In-1 Cordless Fan

Shark Cordless Fan at Costco
  • Sale Price: $119.99
  • Normal Price: $149.99
  • Sale Expires: June 9th

The Shark Cordless Fan offers extreme portability. you can either kept it plugged in as a standard fan, or you can take the plug out and use it as a pedestal fan. Shark claims the fan can go cordless for up to 24 hours straight. If you’re looking for a fan you could take outdoors, this would be an excellent option.

Midea 12K BTU U-Shaped Window Air Conditioner

Costco Air Conditioner
  • Sale Price: $279.99
  • Normal Price: $359.99
  • Sale Expires: June 9th

It’s summertime, so Costco is loaded up on items to beat the heat. If you’re in need of something more than a fan, many Costco warehouses have the 12K BTU Window Air Conditioner from Midea. Reviews of the unit have generally been very positive. A few commentators on Costco’s site have complained their unit eventually broke, but some have praised the warranty and said they were able to get a replacement. Here’s a sample review from Costco’s site:

Worked great until it didn’t. Lasted about a year and then experienced a refrigerant leak. Tech support was helpful and arranged for a replacement. So far so good. Overall would recommend.

Circulon 11-Piece Cookware Set

Circulon A1 Series with ScratchDefense 11 piece Non-Stick Cookware Set
  • Sale Price: $149.99
  • Normal Price: $109.99
  • Sale Expires: June 9th

This product scores an outstanding 4.8-star review off 244 reviews on Costco’s site. Many reviews rave about the quality of the non-stick surface. Circulon claims these pots are 15X longer-lasting than prior generations and include added scratch resistance. Costco reviewers have been almost universally positive in their acclaim for this cookware set:

“Best non-stick surface I have ever used! This new generation of non-stick technology lives up to its billing. I love the largest frying pan – it has a flat bottom and is wide enough that all the food I want to cook lies flat. It is deep enough that the food does not spill out of the pan when I am stir frying. The lids on the pots double as strainers – a very nice feature. The largest pot is somewhat shallow so I saved my large pot from my old set to use to cook pasta. Only over safe to 400 degrees because of the material used to make the handles but I that’s the trade off if you want safer handles which will not burn you when hot. I highly recommend this set! The price point is good.”

Shark Cordless Pro Stick Vacuum with Clean Sense IQ

Shark Cordless Vacuum
  • Sale Price: $219.99
  • Normal Price: $279.99
  • Sale Expires: June 9th

Dyson vacuums are great and have been on sale at Costco recently, but even on sale they are expensive. One alternative is cordless vacuums from Shark. Right now the Shark Cordless Pro Vacuum is $60 off, taking its price down to $219.99. Reviews have been mixed on Costco’s site. Here’s a review that highlights the pros and cons of this vacuum:

“Read the reviews and decided to give it a try. Like others have said a bit awkward but once you get the feel you can easily maneuver it around the room. Easily unlatch to get under furniture for several passes and then with a little hand motion it will re-latch to normal use. Dust pick-upis better than expected and have not hair wrap on the roller. The burnishing action makes hardwood floors shine. My only negative is the construction seems a little loose in the joints between the power head and attachment points. Purchased an additional battery for extended run time and can quickly do a few rooms with power to spare. Recharge time is quick as well.”

Ninja Dualbrew Grounds & Pods Coffee Maker

Ninja DualBrew XL Grounds & Pods Hot & Iced Coffee Maker
  • Sale Price: $89.99
  • Normal Price: $129.99
  • Sale Expires: June 9th

If you’re looking for a coffee maker that can do it all, look no further. The Nina Dulabrew can brew grounds or pods, can make iced coffee, and includes a 70-ounce water reservoir and pot with a warming plate to keep coffee at a consistent temperature for up to four hours after brewing. At $40 off, this is a steal if you’ve been looking for a combination coffee maker.

Ninja Foodi 10-in-1 Countertop Oven Pro

Ninja Foodi 10-in-1 Smart XL Air Fry Oven
  • Sale Price: $139.99
  • Normal Price: $179.99
  • Sale Expires: June 9th

Speaking of combo products that can save counter space, the Ninja Foodi 10-in-1 offers air fry, whole roast, air roast, bake, dehydrate, pizza, bagel, toast, broil, and reheat settings. Reviews have been stellar on Costco’s site, with the oven scoring 4.6 stars.

Timber Ridge Directors Chair

Timber Ridge Directors Chair
  • Sale Price: $39.99
  • Normal Price: $49.99
  • Sale Expires: June 9th

The Timber Ridge Directors Chair is nothing fancy, but it’s a sturdy chair that’s a good deal. If you’re already stopping by Costco and could use some more chairs for summer events, this is a great deal and $10 off through June 9th.

Ring 8-Piece Wireless Security Alarm Kit

Ring Wireless Security System
  • Sale Price: $14.99
  • Normal Price: $199.99
  • Sale Expires: June 9th

Buyers of this security system have been happy, as it scores 4.7 stars on Costco’s site. Reviewers praise the system’s value and ease of setup.

Coho Injection Molded Cooler

Coho Injection Molded Cooler
  • Sale Price: $49.99
  • Normal Price: $59.99
  • Sale Expires: May 26th

A great cooler is essential for summer, but they can get pricey. The Coho injection molded cooler is high-quality, but doesn’t break the bank. For $49.99, you can get a cooler that both keeps products cold and is extremely durable.

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