If you envision your son being an avid outdoorsman in his life, then consider one of these boy names that mean forest. From Forester to Fraser to Atwood and beyond, each of these names is handsome and unique. Take a look!

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  • Arwood The name Arwood is an English name that describes ‘one who is from the ‘fir forest.' It's also spelled Ayrwode.
  • Atwood The moniker Atwood refers to ‘one who lives by a forest.' It comes from an ancient Anglo-Saxon surname of people who lived at the edge of the woods in a county called Salop in England.
  • Boyce Boyce derives from the Old French word bois, meaning wood. In Scottish, this masculine moniker translates to ‘lives by the woods' and in English, it means ‘broad forest.'
  • Bradshaw The name Bradshaw comes from the Old English surname. It refers to a ‘broad forest or thicket.'
  • Busby The name Busby comes from the Old Norse buskibyr, which comprises the words buski (wood) and byr (farmhouse). In Scottish, Busby refers to a ‘small forest village.' It also describes a fur hat worn by members of the Hungarian military.
  • Calhoun Calhoun is a masculine moniker of Irish origin. It means ‘from the narrow forest.' It also refers to a ‘corner' or ‘nook.' Director Calhoun ‘Da Creator Cornwall bears this name.
  • Codrin Codrin derives from the Roman word codru. It means ‘forest.'
  • Dresden The name Dresden is a masculine moniker, meaning ‘people of the forest.' It derives from the Sorbian word drezga. Dresden is also a German city.
  • Elwood Elwood combines the Old English words ellern (elder) and wudu (wood). It means ‘old forest.'
  • Firth From the Scottish surname, Firth means ‘arm of the forest.' It's also a water name that means ‘arm of the sea.'
  • Forester Forester refers to a ‘keeper of the forest.' The masculine moniker derives from the Scottish surname.
  • Fraser The name Fraser connects to nature on many levels. There's a Fraser Island, a Fraser River, and a Fraser fir tree. Fraser has French and Scottish Gaelic roots and means ‘of the forest men.'
  • Garwood Garwood is of Old English origin, meaning ‘from the fir forest.' The name comprises gara (a triangular piece of land) and wudu (wood).
  • GuidoThe name Guido has Swedish, Ancient Germanic, and Latin roots. It translates to ‘forest, ‘wood' or ‘tree.' In Italian, Guido means ‘leader.'
  • Holt Holt is a masculine name with roots in multiple languages, including Dutch, Danish, and Norwegian. In English, Holt refers to ‘an unspoiled forest.’
  • Islwyn The name Islwyn comes from the name of a mountain in Wales. It comes from the Welsh word llwyn, meaning ‘below the grove.'
  • Kirkwood Kirkwood is a Danish name, meaning ‘church by the wood' or ‘from the church's forest.' The Scottish variation of this name is Kyrkwode.
  • Norwood As with names with wood as a suffix, Norwood points to a place in the forest. Norwood means ‘north end of the woods.'
  • RoscoeYou won't find too many boys named Roscoe. In fact, the Social Security Administration has recorded no babies born with the name since 2000. Still, it's a unique, old-fashioned option for a boy. It derives from Old Norse ra (roebuck) and skogr (forest) and means ‘deer in the forest.'
  • SherwoodThe name Sherwood comes from Old English and Middle High German. It refers to someone who cultivates the soil in the ‘bright forest.' The name is also associated with the royal forest in Nottinghamshire, England.
  • Silvanus Silvanus is an English moniker. It defines ‘one who loves the forest.'
  • Sylvester The name Sylvester comes from the Latin word silva, which means ‘backwoods’ or ‘woodland.’ Silvester is an alternate spelling.
  • Tane Tane is a masculine name of Polynesian origin. Also, Tane is a giant kauri tree that sits in the Waipoua Forest in New Zealand. The tree is called ‘the ‘god of the forests and birds' by the Maori people.
  • Vipin The name Vipin is of Sanskrit origin. It is a popular moniker in Indian communities.
  • Woodson Woodson is a boy’s name taken from the English surname Woodsome. It refers to ‘houses in the wood’ or a ‘descendant of a woodcutter or forester.’

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