From Brodie to Lachlan to Grant and beyond, this list of Scottish baby names for boys is filled with a variety of handsome options. Explore the rich meanings behind the names and then select the perfect name for your son.

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  • Alasdair- is a powerful boy's name. It is of Scottish and Gaelic origin and means ‘defending men.'
  • BrodieThe moniker Brodie is a Scottish surname. It is also a popular first name given to boys.
  • Carmichael Carmichael is a great Scottish name for a boy. The moniker refers to the ‘fort of Michael.'
  • Dalziel The boy's name Dalziel has climbed steadily since 2006. It is of Scottish and Gaelic origin and refers to a ‘small field.'
  • DuncanDuncan is a classic Scottish boy's name that means ‘dark warrior.' The moniker also belonged to a king who ruled the Scots from 1034 to 1040.
  • ErrolErrol is a cool boy's name with Scottish roots. It means ‘commander or ‘a noble man.'
  • EvanderThe oh-so-cute boy's name Evander is of Scottish origin. It refers to a ‘strong man.'
  • Ewan Pronounced YOO-un, Ewan is a masculine name of Scottish origin that means ‘born of the yew tree.' Other spellings of the name include Ewen, Eoin, and Euan.
  • Forbes If you're looking for a masculine name that exudes wealth, the moniker Forbes may fit the bill. The name stems from Scottish and Gaelic origins and comes from a surname from the mid-1200s. Not only does an American financial magazine bear its name, but it also translates to wealthy or headstrong.
  • GavinThe name Gavin is a derivative of the moniker Gwaine. It is of Celtic and Scottish origin and means ‘white hawk.'
  • Graham- is a strong name for a boy. It refers to a wall in Scotland as Graham's Dyke.
  • GrantGrant is a masculine moniker of Scottish origin. It means large.
  • Gregor The name Gregor is a Scottish name that means vigilant or watchman. It is a variant of Gregory.
  • Hamish Hamish is the Scottish variation of the boy's name James. It means ‘the supplanter.'
  • Kester Scottish in origin, the name Kester is a variation of Christopher. The name refers to ‘one who carries Christ.
  • KnoxThe boy's moniker Knox can be traced back to a surname from the 13th century. It means ‘top of the hill' and is of Scottish origin.
  • LachlanThis unique name is pronounced LACK-lin. The name has Scottish roots and translates to ‘land of the Vikings.'
  • Laird Laird is a masculine moniker. It is of Scottish origin and means ‘lord of the land.'
  • MalcolmMalcolm is a friendly boy's name. It means ‘devotee of St. Columba' and is of Scottish origin.
  • Maxwellis a Scottish name that means ‘great stream.' It also ” means ‘from Maccus' Spring.'
  • Paden Paden is a unique boy's name with English and Scottish roots. It means ‘little nobleman.'
  • Ross The masculine name Ross comes from the surname of a prominent family in Scotland. It is rooted in the Celtic language and refers to an ‘upland peninsula.'
  • Sanders The name Sanders is of Scottish origin. This boy's name refers to ‘defending men.'
  • Sorley Sorley is a boy's name that comes from the Scottish Gaelic word Somhairle. The meaning translates to ‘summer wanderer' or ‘summer sailor.'
  • StuartThe meaning of the name Stuart is quite literal. It comes from the royal house of Scotland of the 14th century and means steward, referring to a person charged with the care and affairs of the royal estate.
  • Teague If you're looking for a boy's name that celebrates the oral tradition, the moniker Teague may suffice. It's of Scottish origin and means bard or poet.
  • Watson Watson is an edgy boy's name of English and Scottish origin. It means ‘son of Wat.'

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