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Maxwell is a Scottish boy’s name that means “Mack’s stream” or “great stream.” The name has been in the top 200 boy’s names since 1990. Maxwell has grown in popularity as an alternative to the name Max.

Meaning and Origin of the name Maxwell:

Maxwell is a baby boy’s name of Scottish origin meaning “Mack’s stream,” “Mack's spring,” or “great stream.”

Maxwell started as a Scottish habitational name surname and was first recorded in 1144 as Mackeswell (meaning “Mack's stream” or “Mack's spring”). Maxwell eventually was used as a first name and keeps the same meaning as the surname.

Symbolism of the name Maxwell:

The stream was an important source of water for ancient settlements as a source of fresh drinking water and for farming. Many Celtic gods were also associated with bodies of water, making them religiously significant.

Nicknames for the name Maxwell:

Maxwell is a strong boy's name with a few options for nicknames. The most common nickname for Maxwell is Max. We put together the list below of nicknames for Maxwell to give you additional options.

baby name Maxwell

Style of the name Maxwell:


Gender of the name Maxwell:

Maxwell is a boy's name.

Pronunciation of the name Maxwell:


Number of syllables in the name Maxwell:


Emotion evoked from the name Maxwell:

Maxwell evokes feelings of refinement and intelligence.

Alternative spellings for the name Maxwell:

  • Mackswell
  • Makswell

Popularity of the name Maxwell:

According to the Social Security Administration, Maxwell is a boy’s name that has been popular since 1900. After a dip in popularity in the 1960’s, Maxwell has risen steadily until it entered the top 200 names in 1990 where it remains.

Great middle names for Maxwell and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Maxwell:

  • Maxwell Rivera (American R&B singer)
  • Maxwell Anderson (American playwright)
  • Maxwell Huckabee (American actor)
  • Maxwell Green American musician)
  • Maxwell Brown (Australian novelist and journalist)
  • Maxwell Sheffield (television, “The Nanny”)
  • Maxwell “Max” Evans (television, “Roswell”)
  • Maxwell Klinger (television, “M.A.S.H.”)
  • “Maxwell's Silver Hammer” (song by The Beatles)
  • Maxwell (film, “Across the Universe”)
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