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The 8 Best Thrift Stores in Miami

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The 8 Best Thrift Stores in Miami

Miami is a city known for both its nightlife and family attractions. From South Beach to the Miami Riverwalk and the cultural environment of Little Havana, there's no shortage of things to enjoy in “The Magic City.” But did you know that Miami is home to some unique and popular thrift stores, too?

From downtown to neighboring suburbs, Miami's thrift stores give shoppers a chance to embrace a sustainable practice and save a few dollars, too. If you're in the area and considering a day of thrifting, here are eight thrift stores worth a stop in Miami.

Lotus House Thrift Chic Boutique

2040 NW 7th Ave, Miami, FL 33127

Lotus House Thrift Chic Boutique is an eclectic second-hand store in Miami. Its funky style gives it more of a boutique vibe instead of a thrift store. However, proceeds are used to benefit the Lotus House Women's Shelter. When you shop here, your money goes toward helping women and children who are experiencing homelessness. Items found in the shop include home decor along with vintage and designer clothing and accessories. Many items can also be purchased online through the shop's website. Additionally, the thrift shop offers job training for guests of the Lotus House shelter.

If you'd like to donate your gently used items to Lotus House, you can drop them off anytime during store hours. If you have furniture, you can also contact the store to schedule a pick-up from one of Lotus House's iconic pink trucks.

Out of the Closet

2400 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33137

With a handful of locations throughout the country, Out of the Closet on Biscayne Boulevard in Miami is well-known in the community. The first store was opened in 1990 with the goal of proceeds benefiting the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. Today, 96 cents of every dollar goes toward the foundation and raising awareness about the disease. Additionally, each location offers free testing and an onsite pharmacy. Each item found at the shop is specially curated and you can find items ranging from clothes to home decor.

Out of the Closet accepts donations in person during store hours or you can schedule a pick up for larger items like furniture.

Bargain Box Thrift Store

1350 W Flagler St, Miami, FL 33135

Owned and operated by The Woman's Cancer Association of the University of Miami, Bargain Box Thrift Store is a nonprofit run entirely by volunteers. In fact, the store is the WCA's largest fundraiser and has been in operation for more than 60 years. Inside the store, you can find both luxury items and collectibles. Items range from home decor to clothing, jewelry, accessories, and even small appliances.

To donate, you can start by contacting the store directly with photos of your items. Donations can be dropped off during store hours, or you can schedule a pick-up. Keep in mind that the store uses a thrift party to pick up larger items, so you may be assessed a small fee for this service.

Dragonfly Thrift Boutique

3141 SW 8th St Suite A, Miami, FL 33135

Dragonfly Thrift Boutique is unique in that all proceeds benefit the Ladies Empowerment and Action Program (LEAP). This program is known for its work in education and empowering women both in prison, and those who are reentering the workforce. LEAP also provides housing and employment training options for its graduates. When you shop at Dragonfly Thrift Boutique, you can find a little bit of everything from men's and women's clothing, furniture, home decor, and even unique kitchen items. Just keep in mind that many items are brand-name, so you can expect to pay a bit more than at other thrift shops.

If you're interested in donating your gently used items to Dragonfly, be sure to check out their website for what can and can't be accepted. Donations can be dropped off during store hours. Additionally, the store has various volunteer opportunities available if you'd like to do more to help out.

Woman browsing through vintage clothing in a Thrift Store.
Dragonfly Thrift Boutique is a non-profit whose proceeds go toward aiding LEAP.


Red White and Blue Thrift Store

12640 NE 6th Ave, Miami, FL 33161

Red White and Blue Thrift Stores are located country-wide, but their location in North Miami is worth a stop. Shoppers can enjoy daily 50% off sales on selected items, as well as browse a plethora of products for sale. New items are added daily, too. The goal of these stores is to offer discounted pricing to make items more affordable for families, as well as to practice sustainable shopping practices. Whether you're looking for designer items or collectibles, there's something for everyone at this thrift shop.

If you're looking to donate your gently used items, contact the store directly to find out more information.

Peachtree Revival

3440 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33127

Shopping for vintage boutique items? Be sure to check out Peachtree Revival! This vintage and secondhand store offers clothing and accessories from the 1960s through the early 2000s. When you enter their store on Miami Avenue, you'll notice right away that this shop offers a unique and funky experience. Items are curated by the store owners and drop weekly on Saturdays. You can also shop everything online but note that you'll probably spend a bit more as these items are more vintage than thrift.

Contact the store owners, Dani and Sara, if you're looking to part ways with some of your vintage items and you'd like to sell them to Peachtree.

The House of Findings

5030 NE 2nd Ave #404, Miami, FL 33137

As a well-known thrift and vintage store in Miami, The House of Findings features unique finds ranging from the late 1800s to the 1990s. Items here typically fall into 4 categories: Global, upcycled, handmade, and vintage. The store is located in Upper Buena Vista and also has home furnishings and art for sale. Additionally, the owners enjoy hunting for unique finds and collecting items as they travel across the world. The store has also been in operation since 1989 and the owner, Mayra, is still managing the shop today.

Because many of the items are sourced by the store owner directly, you'll need to contact them if you have items you'd like to consign.

Vintage second hand hat and clothes rail showing colourful vintage clothes on coat hangers.
The House of Findings is unique in that it features clothing that ranges from the Victorian Era through the 1990s.


Thrift Vintage Outlet

2540 W 84th St, Unit 3, Hialeah, FL 33016

Also established in 1989 is the Thrift Vintage Outlet in Hialeah. As a vintage wholesaler for more than 30 years, this store offers the quintessential thrifting experience with bins and racks at set prices. The shop's goal is to offer sustainable fashion for South Florida residents. It also allows its customers to express themselves and purchase affordable vintage items.

Shoppers can also take part in the “thrift by pound” event every weekend where each pound is only $5. Additionally, if you're looking for retro and vintage tees and sweatshirts, be sure to check out Thrift Vintage's bins. The warehouse alone is more than 5,000 square feet. The store curates unique fashion finds for everyone and gives customers the thrill of treasure-hunting for the perfect piece.

The store does not accept donations, but if you're a local vendor, you can apply to participate in their weekly vendor market. At this event, more than 30 local businesses partner with Thrift Vintage to offer everything from food to handmade goods, clothing, and more.

Final Thoughts

While there are several fun and exciting things to enjoy in Miami, thrifting is a great option and one that can be enjoyed in several places throughout the city and surrounding areas. The shops we've discussed here offer recycled clothing and affordable prices. From designer labels to fast fashion, there's something for everyone at these well-known thrift shops in the city. Happy thrifting!

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