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14 Of The Best Thrift Stores in Sacramento

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14 Of The Best Thrift Stores in Sacramento

Sacramento is not only the capital city of the State of California. It also is home to some great thrift stores. Now, the best thrift stores in Sacramento include charity thrifting options like Saint Vincent De Paul’s alongside more stores that are unique to Sacramento. There are also a handful of boutique-style thrift stores, which offer a more curated consignment experience, sometimes for a slightly higher price than a classic discounted thrift shop.

For example, one of the boutiques further down on this list includes discounted designer goods in their stock. So, in the context of the kinds of goods that they’re selling, it can still be a fun treasure hunt. Thrifting should be a fun experience, and these are the places to go in Sacramento, California.

Read on to get a good idea of some of the best thrift stores in Sacramento. You’ll learn about where they are located, what they sell, and even some of their best sales secrets. Check out the linked web pages and Instagram profiles to get an idea of the vibe of the store before you go. By the end of this, you’ll have a running list of the best spots to shop for all kinds of discounted treasures in the capital city of the State of California. Happy thrifting!

Consignment Thrift Options

Saint Vincent De Paul 

2275 Watt Ave., Sacramento, CA 95825

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Starting off with Saint Vincent De Paul, a charity that's been thriving in the States since 1845. They accept a variety of donations and offer a wide stock of men's clothes, women's clothes, children's clothes, electronics, books, house and kitchenware, and furniture. Proceeds from this charity chain are donated to local causes including those with physical and mental disabilities and housing insecurity. They often have all kinds of treasures to find at greatly discounted prices, which makes this a classic option for one of the best thrift stores in Sacramento.

Assistance League of Sacramento

2751 Fulton Ave., Sacramento, CA 95821

Next up is the Assistance League of Sacramento which is open five days a week and donates its proceeds to scholarship funding, and community charities. In their resale shop, they offer all kinds of deals on affordable second-hand clothing, gently used furniture, appliances, kitchenware, books, and more. The Google reviews mention kind staff, great prices, and an organized thrifting experience.

Bargain World Thrift 

4760 Florin Rd., Sacramento, CA 95823

Bargain World Thrift sells all kinds of second-hand garment goods, furniture, home décor, kitchenware, and more. Located between Bowling Green and the Parkwood Estates of Sacramento, this thrift store is sure to have some discounted treasures. Google reviews mention great prices, and good deals, as well as sales that happen quite regularly. From the pictures, it also looks quite organized.

American Cancer Society: Discovery Shop

2708 Marconi Ave., Sacramento, CA 95821

Head to the American Cancer Society: Discover Shop to support a great cause and find some great deals. All proceeds from these stores, throughout California, go to supporting the fight against cancer and giving resources to cancer survivors and caretakers alike. This thrift shop has everything from clothing and accessories to furniture, home décor, kitchenware, antiques, and artwork. Donations are happily accepted and are tax-deductible, receipts available upon request.

Epic Store Thrifts And More

3133 Arden Way, Sacramento, CA 95825

The Epic Store Thrifts And More supports the United Advocates For Children And Families with the proceeds from this charity thrift shop. UACF raises money to help resource children who deal with mental, emotional, and behavioral challenges. They organize programs for parents, caregivers, and the children themselves through educational, assistance, networking programs, and community outreach. Yelp reviews mention it has great prices, and Google reviews mention the great selection of goods.

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
Interior garage sale, housewares, clothing, sporting goods and toys.
Many discount thrift stores will carry great deals on perfectly good kitchenware and appliances.


Eco Thrift

7224 55th St., Sacramento, CA 95823

Eco Thrift has several locations throughout California, one in Texas, and another on its way! Their website shows they have numerous discounts and weekly sales on all kinds of goods that get donated to their thrift stores. Google reviews mention as much as 50% – 75% discounts depending on the week. Be sure to check out their website for up-to-date information on when sales are actually happening.

The Thrift Store

6606 Fruitridge Road, Sacramento, CA 95820

The Thrift Store, aptly named, and to the point, is a great community thrifting staple. They sell all kinds of clothing, books, furniture, and other second-hand goods. Google reviews reflect positively on the prices, staff, organization, and general vibe of this great thrifting option in Sacramento.

Lil Macy’z

2326 Del Paso Boulevard Suite C, Sacramento, CA 95815

Lil Macy'z is a family-owned thrift shop that offers $1 clothing sales, seasonal clear-outs, and all kinds of other great discounts. They sell an array of clothing, shoes, accessories, and other thrifted items at great prices for the Sacramento community. Google reviews mention good prices and that the shop is overflowing with great items in all of its many, many rooms. If you're up for exploring, this place is well worth checking out while you're visiting Sacramento.

Deseret Thrift Store

3000 Auburn Boulevard Suite B, Sacramento, CA 95821

Another charity thrift chain, the Deseret Thrift Store has some 46 locations around the United States. Established as an employment training facility, this charitable thrift option is a well-organized option for second-hand furniture, clothing, books, accessories, and more. They function similarly to Goodwill Industries in their employment outreach, charity programs, and community training. Google reviews mention the store is organized, well-priced, and easy to look around in.

Boutique Thrifting Options

WEAVEWorks Upcycled Fashion

2401 Arden Way, Sacramento, CA 95825

Onto more boutique thrifting options. WEAVEWorks Upcycled Fashion supports survivors of sexual, and domestic assault, as well as those who have experienced human trafficking. It works to promote safety and healthy patterns in relationships and offers therapy, counseling, legal services, crisis intervention, and housing opportunities. The Google reviews mention great finds and good prices for high quality.

Upscale Thrift

2590 21st Street, Sacramento, CA 95818

Next up, we have Upscale Thrift, a boutique thrift shop with everything from clothing and jewelry to accessories, shoes, books, and more. Google reviews mention that it's easy to find something great even though the store is small, maybe it's because the store is small that it's so easy to find great things!

Many vintage old-fashioned jewelry at flea market stall or car boot sale. Retro style bracelets and necklaces. Vintage goods for sale. Garage sale concept. Selective focus
Lots of boutique shops have great selections of jewelry that are unique and fun to look through!

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Hidden Gems Thrift Store

2251 Florin Road #148, Sacramento, CA 95822

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The Hidden Gems Thrift Store suggests that it sells some… hidden gems! A boutique thrift shop located right in Sacramento, this spot boasts some great prices on high-quality items. They have some designer options, which they consistently post to their Instagram, so be sure to take a look. They also host classes at the shop, with topics like “living elegantly on a budget,” as well as pop-up sales and book discussions.

Rack’s Vintage Boutique

1822 24th St., Sacramento, CA 95816

Rack's Vintage Boutique is a curated vintage shop. They host sidewalk sales, seasonal discount days, and more. Check out Rack's Vintage Boutique for unique vintage finds, local jewelry, graphic tees, upcycled pieces, and all kinds of other treasures. While the prices may be a bit higher than some of the spots earlier on our list, keep in mind the time spent searching, and curation that goes into the stuff in this particular vintage store. Rack's Vintage Boutique seems well worth a stop on your thrift adventure.

Article Consignment Boutique

706 56th St. Suite 100, Sacramento, CA 95819

And lastly, but not least, we have the Article Consignment Boutique. This boutique combines affordable pieces with more expensive discounted designer goods. They have men's and women's clothing, a “new with tags” section, consignment, and other goodies to peruse. They also offer authentication services on their designer luxury stock. Check out their website for a good rundown of their stock, and check them out in person next time you visit the beautiful city of Sacramento.

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