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12 Of The Best Thrift Stores in Salt Lake City

Colorful secondhand clothes on hangers at local market on the street

12 Of The Best Thrift Stores in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is the capital city of Utah, and it’s also the most populous city in this beautiful State. The best thrift stores in Salt Lake City include popular U.S.-based consignment spots, charity thrift shops, vintage stores, and salvage spaces. Whether you’re looking for discounted deals, unique vintage finds, or higher-end thrift options, there’s something on this list for everyone. While thrifting has a different definition depending on what kinds of goods you are looking for, Salt Lake City offers all kinds of opportunities for deals, good-quality finds, and one-of-a-kind pieces. 

In this post, we’ll discuss some of the best thrift stores in Salt Lake City. You’ll learn about if they're charity-associated, or more of a boutique, curated thrift experience. We’ll talk about the deals and discounts that these shops offer. Enjoy the sights of this beautiful Utah city and be sure to stop along at a few of the best thrift stores in Salt Lake City. Bring your sense of adventure, your nose for a good discount, and your eye for unique, thrifted pieces. Read on as we get into the deals with the best thrift stores in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Classic Charity Thrift Stores

Deseret Industries Thrift Store

There are two different locations for the Deseret Industries Thrift Store in Salt Lake City, Utah. This non-profit store and donation center offers community-centered outreach programs. They cater to individuals who need employment connections, workforce training, and educational courses. You'll find these centers at the following addresses:

  • 2140 S 800 E, Salt Lake City, Utah 84106
  • 743 West 700 S, Salt Lake City, Utah 84104

A chain store is similar to Goodwill in terms of stock and pricing. At the Deseret Industries Thrift Store locations in Salt Lake, you'll find all kinds of second-hand clothing, accessories, furniture, appliances, and house and kitchenware goods.

Assistance League Thrift Shop

2090 E 3300 St., Salt Lake City, Utah 84109

The Assistance League Thrift Shop is another charity shop in Salt Lake. Opened in 1974, this shop has a number of philanthropic outreach programs. They fund a number of community-based programs and invest in the Salt Lake City community. Google reviews refer to this place as one of “the best thrift stores,” also calling it a great store, with good quality merchandise. It currently has a 4.7/5 stars on Google. At this shop in Utah, you'll find an array of second-hand clothing, accessories, furniture, and house/kitchenware items. Head there in person to see if this truly is one of the best thrift stores in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Melly’s Thrift Store

2683 Preston St., Salt Lake City, Utah 84106

Melly's Thrift Store is a little local gem right on Preston Street in Salt Lake. The Google reviews section mentions the great prices and kind staff. While one of the smaller spots on this list, it sounds like there is some great thrift to be had, so why not stop by for yourself and check out Milly's Thrift Store?

Uptown Cheapskate

This upscale thrift shop still has some great discounts. At either location for the Upscale Cheapskate Salt Lake shops, you'll find an array of high-quality clothes and accessories at reasonable prices. Google reviews mention these spots for their affordability, kind staff, and organized store. You can find Upscale Cheapskate at these two Salt Lake locations:

  • 380 W 200 St., Salt Lake City, Utah 84101
  • 2120 S 1300 E, Salt Lake City, Utah 84106
Vintage second hand clothes hanging on shop rack at weekly flea market - Hipster wardrobe sale concept and alternative retro moda fashion styling - Soft desaturated nostalgic filtered look
You'll find great deals on gently-used clothing at many of these thrift spots in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Thrift And Vintage Boutiques

Pib’s Exchange

1147 S Ashton Ave, Salt Lake City, Utah 84106

Pib's Exchange is a vintage and costume resale shop that offers unique finds at great prices. As a resale shop, they offer 55% store credit or 30% cash. They accept gently used clothing, relatively on-trend, and vintage pieces that can be sold for consignment. Along these donation guidelines, you're sure to find an array of great and affordable pieces. Google review mentions the great selection and kind staff at Pib's Exchange, one of the best thrift stores in Salt Lake City.

Name Droppers Resale Clothing

Name Droppers is a consignment resale boutique with all kinds of thrifted treasures. They have an online shop and two in-person stores, with racks of affordable designer clothing. They seek out on-trend pieces for resale at a heavily discounted price. And while they're selective in what they take, Name Droppers aims to find the right stock for all kinds of clients. They have shops at two locations in SLC:

  • 2350 Parleys Way, Salt Lake City, Utah 84109
  • 3355 South Highland Drive, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84106


The iconoCLAD thrift boutiques pride themselves on a great selection of second-hand and festival costume wear. There are two Salt Lake locations, both super close to each other, which is a great reason to check out both. They not only sell popular brands and have great consignment deals but really take the cake with their festival wear and costume attire options.

  • 414 E 300 St., Salt Lake City, Utah 84111
  • 855 S State St., Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

Google reviews mention their great stock of unique consignment pieces and resale options. They were also voted the “best boutique” and the “best consignment/thrift store” in 2022 by the Best of Utah reader's poll. Check out the iconoCLAD thrift boutiques for some of the best thrift in Salt Lake.

Shop Vintage

1115 E 2100 St., Salt Lake City, Utah 84106

Shop Vintage is a high-quality thrift option in Salt Lake. They offer affordability, a selection of curated vintage, modern-fashion finds, and more. Here you'll find vintage pieces alongside thrift deals, and other discount treasures. They have an array of '70s pieces, and thrift options, all of which are available for perusal at the store, in person. Google reviews mention how great the stock is and how much fun this particular thrift shop in Salt Lake City is to look through.

Vintage sign with a background of different vintage clothing on a street. White vintage sweater with embroidered flowers.
This way for vintage goods! Check out Salt Lake's great selection of vintage thrift boutiques.

©Anna Svetlova/Shutterstock.com


774 E 800 St., Salt Lake City, Utah 84102

Vantage is an upscale vintage clothing shop. Open since 2017, this is a gem of the local thrift scene, although they may be pricier than your standard charity thrift shop. Here, you'll find an array of unique pieces in really good quality. Check Vantage out in person during your next stop through Salt Lake City.

Found N Kept

1332 S 2100 E, Salt Lake City, Utah 84108

Found N Kept is a consignment boutique in Salt Lake. The reviews mention the sheer number of great finds, how easy it is to look through, and how friendly the staff is. Check out their online website to get an idea of what kind of treasures you'll find in-shop, and visit in person to see it for yourself. They also offer consignment consultation services, as well as curbside pickup for donated goods.

Love Street Salvage

1328 S 2100 E, Salt Lake City, Utah 84108

Love Street Salvage not only sells consignment pieces, but local art, and upcycled fashion. They host classes, workshops, pop-ups, and other community events. Google reviews mention the good prices, cute pieces, and very kind staff. Whether you're local to Salt Lake or not, this spot is worth a stopover.

Re-Finery Salt Lake City

329 Pierpont Ave, Salt Lake City, Utah 84101

And last, but not least, one of the most upscale spots on this list is the Re-Finery. The Re-finery is a luxury consignment shop that has an array of affordable pieces alongside designer and luxury goods. In terms of pricing, everything is discounted from its original retail price. On designer goods, this may still be higher in price than other spots on this list. But, Google reviews mention the great selection of curated pieces, kind staff, and overall good presentation in the store. Head over and see for yourself.

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