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The 12 Best Consignment Shops in New Jersey

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The 12 Best Consignment Shops in New Jersey

If you're looking to do some second-hand shopping at consignment shops in New Jersey, we've got you covered. Although there is a large market for both thrift stores and consignment shops, many people don't know the difference. Well, often, the outcome is the same for the consumer. Consumers get second-hand clothing, accessories, shoes, jewelry, and more at a lower price since they're purchasing something that has already been used. But, typically, you'll find different kinds of items in thrift vs. consignment stores.

Thrift stores get clothes in a couple of different ways. Some of them accept and receive donations and then turn those items around and sell them at a low cost. Other thrift stores will pay for items they receive. For example, Buffalo Exchange and Plato's Closet are thrift stores that will give you money for what you bring. But they give you money upfront and then sell it for a price they see fit. Consignment shops operate a tad differently, although they are similar. Consignment shops do not accept donations, and the way they pay you for your goods is structured differently. At consignment shops, you will receive a percentage of your sold items. So no money upfront, only once it's sold.

Because of these differences, often at consignment shops, you'll find a highly curated collection of items. And although you will likely spend much more money than you would in a thrift store, you're getting a different caliber of clothing. So, whether you're looking to shop or sell, here are some of the best consignment shops in New Jersey.

New Leaf Consignment

New Leaf Consignment has been a popular spot in Madison, New Jersey, working to influence to community to shop second-hand and help reduce waste. At New Leaf, you'll be able to shop popular name brands for women's clothing, accessories, and shoes. If items do not sell, New Leaf gives back and donates to local non-profits to help support the community.

Double Take Luxury Consignment

Double Take Luxury Consignment is a designer consignment store that focuses on suitable luxury. It was created to extend the life of high-end designer accessories and clothing so that its life can be extended. As a shopper, you can find designers like Gucci, Chanel, Burberry, Hermes, and more and get it severely discounted. Often, you'll be able to find these items for more than half off. Not only can you get good deals, but they offer a rewards system where you get points for every dollar you spend. As a person looking to sell your items, you can get up to 80% of the commission for your item.

Interior Of Charity Shop Or Thrift Store Selling Used And Sustainable Clothing And Household Goods
Consignment shops are a great way to get designer items at a much affordable price. Save hundreds while shopping, or make hundreds if you're selling.

Renaissance Consignment Boutique

Renaissance is a great place to visit and shop for a large selection of designers and more. Run by sisters, Renaissance focuses on women's clothes, shoes, and accessories. But this store has two floors, and one of them is full of other items like furniture, home decor, artwork, and more. So although the clothing is tailored for just women, everyone can find something here at Renaissance.

Nearly New

Nearly New is a thrift store and consignment store hybrid. Here you can donate clothes or get a 50/50 split for consignment items. They also have a lot of great vintage items, so for a shopper, this is a great place to visit. If you're visiting in the Winter or Summer, they usually have a very large sale. This sale is called Bag Day, and on every bag day, you can pay just $10 total to fill a provided bag with as many items as you can. Please note that if you want to be a consigner, you will need to create an appointment to do so.

ReStyle ReSale Boutique Consignment

ReStyle ReSale Boutique Consignment is where you want to visit if you are looking for some great vintage or lightly used items. At this boutique, you'll be able to find some unique finds like costume jewelry, fashion hats, home decor, clothing, accessories, and so much more. At this shop, you can set up private shopping parties or even get personal styling services.


Cottontails isn’t your standard consignment shop and is specifically curated for children. There isn’t a hard age limit, but on their website, they say that Cottontails is designed for “babies, kids, and moms.” Besides clothing, they also carry things like strollers, high chairs, changing tables, toys, books, puzzles, and a whole lot more. Plus, it’s family-owned and operated, so shopping at Cottontails means supporting locals! You can find it in Tinton Falls Plaza behind the Americana Diner.

Sprouts Consignment Shop

Sprouts is another consignment shop on our list geared specifically towards kids and moms. They specialize in childrenswear and maternity clothing, but they also carry all sorts of supplies you may need. The age range is a bit larger than Cottontails and runs from 18 months up to 16 years old. Sprouts has a brick-and-mortar store in Madison, New Jersey, but they regularly have pop-ups, so follow their socials for the most up-to-date info!

pajamas for girl in thrift shop second hand clothing clothes rack pink flannel kids night wear
Buying second-hand at a consignment shop is a great way to spend less on children's clothing. They grow out of new sizes so quickly, and gently used clothes are a great way to update their wardrobe.

Save + Rave Consignment

Save + Rave is a consignment shop by and for women. Owned by Alonya, the visionary behind the store, Save + Rave sells women's new, vintage, and gently “loved” clothing and accessories. Alonya loves helping women find their new style, especially with unique finds that she has curated over the years. Save + Rave is closed Monday-Wednesday, but they are open Thursday-Sunday and can be found in Bloomfield, New Jersey.

The Westfield Service League

The Westfield Service League is more than a store; it’s an organization/community that does all sorts of things! The consignment aspect of WSL (as they call it) specializes in high-end designed merchandise, but members serve on committees, work on grants, volunteer in food pantries, and a whole lot more. Plus, most of the money WSL makes goes to funding over 29 organizations and has since given over $3 million in funding to charitable causes. So, not only will you find great deals and items, you'll be contributing back to the community.

Twice is Nice

Twice is Nice is another consignment shop specifically designed for children. While they do offer clothing for kids of all ages, they also have an extensive collection of toys, games, books, and more, all piled up around the store in a way that invites kids in to play. They are known for having low prices, and taking your kids is a sure way to keep them busy while you get good deals on items you may need.

West Village Clothing

West Village Clothing is a boutique consignment shop that combines thrift-store finds with an incredible vintage shopping experience. It was originally launched in New York City (hence the West Village name), but after Sarah Hayden, the owner, had her first child, she moved to Maplewood, New Jersey, and re-launched the shop. West Village offers casual women's clothes and accessories, along with a few “junior” options and random goodies she has curated.

Then and Now Classics

Then and Now takes a great approach to consignment and doesn’t offer clothing but household goods! As described on their Facebook page, Then and Now offers “old to newer, practical to unusual, you never know!” You are likely to find everything home-related here, like vases, carpets, dishes, frames, and more. This is one of those places that you can dig through for hours. Give yourself plenty of time to shop and explore this store.

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