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15 of the Best Thrift Stores in Pittsburgh

Female Shopper In Thrift Store Looking At Clothes

15 of the Best Thrift Stores in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is home to a great many historical sites and scenes. And the best thrift stores in Pittsburgh only add to the fun. Once you’ve visited the Carnegie Museum of History, the Botanical Gardens, and PNC Park (don’t forget to grab a Philly cheesesteak), head to one of the thrift stores on this list. Classic thrift stores feature more discounts and donated merchandise, while boutique options offer a more curated thrifting experience.

A lot has changed since vintage stores have peaked in popularity, so certain spots may be pricier than expected. In these situations keep in mind what kind of merchandise they’re selling. You'll know if it’s worth the extra money for the ease of shopping without having to look through anything too hard.

Some of the best thrift stores in Pittsburgh feature several Goodwill stores, Salvation Army, and other classic options. There are more upscale stores with curated collections that will fit the needs of the easy thrifter. But, if you’re looking for an involved, adventurous thrifting experience, some spots on this list will satisfy those needs as well. Stick around as we discuss the type of merchandise, price point, and special deals of these thrifting stops. Learn about good discounts, what charities they support, and any other important details. Get your thrift on in some of the best thrift stores in Pittsburgh.

Classic Thrift Stores


Starting with Goodwill, there are a few spots in and around Pittsburgh. You'll find a Goodwill shop and donation spot at the following addresses:

  • 2700 East Carson St., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15203
  • 5993 Centre Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15206
  • 2866 Banksville Rd., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15216

The Google reviews for each of these spots mention the wide variety of good deals on clothing, and accessories. They also mention good prices, an organized store, and kind staff. So, if you're looking for a classic thrifting experience, why not try out some of these Goodwills to start? Goodwill, as an organization, uses the proceeds from selling donated goods to fund their community and employment programs. They help connect unemployed individuals with jobs and training that benefit their entrance to the workforce and also offer education courses at many of their centers. At Goodwill stores, you'll find deals on all kinds of books, furniture, art, kitchenware, clothing, shoes, accessories, and more.

East End Community Thrift

5123 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15224

The East End Community Thrift Store is a gem in the Pittsburgh thrift scene. This location is *cash only* but offers great deals on genuinely good thrift. Google reviews mention that the prices are better than Goodwill and that the staff is incredibly kind. This is definitely a unique-to-Pittsburgh option, so if you want a true Pittsburgh thrifting experience, head to the East End Community Thrift Store.


4024 O'Hara St., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213

Thriftsburgh is a student-run thrift shop. They offer a small business promotion on Saturdays where local Pittsburgh spots can be featured at their store. This store accepts community donations and sells a nice variety of clothing and other merchandise. Check out their auctions on high-quality items, their clothing drives, and other community events on their Instagram. Thriftsburgh is a great, community-driven thrift store through the local University. Stop by the next time you're visiting Pittsburgh!

Salvation Army

There are two Salvation Army locations in Pittsburgh:

  • 44 South 9th St., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15203
  • 855 East Carson St., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15203

Another more standard discount store, these Salvation Army locations are reviewed as being organized, with friendly staff and a good selection of merchandise. Salvation Army works to help its local communities with short-term and long-term care programs. They aim to serve a community in terms of physical needs, emotional needs, and spiritual service. At Salvation Army, you'll find all kinds of clothing, accessories, furniture, jewelry, and other unique thrift finds at a discounted price.

assorted donated second hand household items, arranged on shelves on display in a thrift store. Thrifting
The home goods section of thrift stores is sure to offer some unique finds and home décor.


What’s Good?

406 South Craig Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213

What's Good? is a resale shop in Pittsburgh that's well-reviewed on Google. They have an online store as well as an in-person shop. While they have nice quality pieces, their stock is still considered consignment with reasonable prices. Reviews also mention that the in-shop coffee is quite good!

Second Harvest Community Thrift Store

624 Clay Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15215

Next up, is the Second Harvest Community Thrift Store, which has great reviews on Google. The store is described as spacious, organized, and unique. They have good pieces for discounted prices and a 4.6/5 rating from customer experience. Make your own opinion of this shop by stopping by in person.

Red White & Blue Thrift Store

890 Saw Mill Run Blvd., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 15226

The Red White & Blue Thrift Store in Pittsburgh is a classic thrifting gem. They have a huge variety of merchandise, with lots of daily donations. There are nearly daily sales on all kinds of goods from furniture and home goods to kitchenware, appliances, electronics, toys, books, clothes, and more. Be sure to check out their website to see the daily specials or discounts.

Community Thrift Store

The Community Thrift Store is one of the best thrift stores in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This decades-old community location has two locations in Pittsburgh and plenty of great thrift between both spots.

  • 2226 Noblestown Road, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15205
  • 3255 Babcock Boulevard, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15237

With 4/5 stars on Google, this store is rated well in terms of pricing, merchandise, and kind staff members. They accept all kinds of donations both in-store and for pick-up.

Boutique Vintage Stores/Upscale Options

Fifty-One Ten Vintage

5110 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15224

Fifty-One Ten Vintage is a hand-picked vintage shop with reasonable prices and unique options. Their online store showcases a lot of stock, predominantly in clothing. Reviews mention the great selections, good prices, and a very friendly staff. This has got to be one of the best thrift stores in Pittsburgh.

Thrift-n-That ll

226 Brownsville Road, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15210

Thrift-n-That II is a sweet curated shop with wonderful prices and interesting finds. They sell an array of shoes, clothes, purses, jewelry, household goods, glassware, and more. They have special discounts and are open from Tuesday through Sunday, so you'll have to stop by yourself to see if it's any good!

Vintage 1960's and 1970's clothes for sale.
At boutique shops in Pittsburgh, you'll find all kinds of colorful clothing and nice accessories.


Eons Fashion Antique

5850 Ellsworth Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15232

The Eons Fashion Boutique is a vintage boutique that specializes in pieces between the 1880s and 1980s. They have options for both men and women and Google reviews mention that the pieces, despite their age, are of excellent quality. Check out their wide array of antique pieces and costume jewelry.

Clothes Line

4804 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15224

Clothes Line is an upscale second-hand shop. They sell all kinds of clothing for women and children as well as accessories, some household items, and a variety of books.

Highway Robbery Vintage

2012 East Carson St, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15203

The Highway Robbery Vintage Shop is a vintage resale store. Opened in Pittsburgh in 2011, this boutique specializes in vintage pieces from the 1950s to the 1990s. While this shop is a curated selection, the aim is to find unique pieces while maintaining affordability. They also buy vintage by appointment. Check out their online store for an idea of some of the stock options. Google reviews describe their stock of well-priced vintage items, kind staff, and lots of treasures.

Avalon Exchange

5834 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15217

The Avalon Exchange is a vintage spot that's been a part of the Pittsburgh thrift community since 1970. This upscale thrift option sells an array of modern, trendy brands. This resale boutique has expanded to several U.S. cities since its humble beginnings as a vintage shop. They have a great array of high-end fashion, alongside unique pieces, vintage options, and so much more. Start your vintage fashion adventure at one of the best thrift stores in Pittsburgh, the Avalon Exchange.

Clothes Minded

4740 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15224

Clothes Minded is a resale boutique that will give you cash or trade credit for your gently worn pieces. You will also find some unique thrift in person. They carry everything from vintage consignment to high-end handbags and luxury wear. They do not accept formal wear, but they do sell designer goods and original pieces. Of the shops on this list, this one is definitely on the pricier end of things.

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