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The 10 Best Thrift Stores in Minneapolis

Woman browsing through vintage clothing in a Thrift Store.

The 10 Best Thrift Stores in Minneapolis

Minneapolis, also known as the “City of Lakes,” is famous for its Midwestern charm and unique eats. It also shares the title of “twin cities” with St. Paul and is especially known for housing the Mall of America. If you're visiting Minneapolis to do some shopping, you may find some unique and popular thrift stores.

From downtown shops to larger venues, thrifting in Minneapolis can be both a sustainable practice and easy on your wallet. If you're in the area and considering a day of shopping, here's everything you need to know about ten of the best thrift stores in Minneapolis.

Tandem Vintage

Swap party, market, second hand. Casual clothes, hats, bags and jewelry for sale. Event for exchange of clothes, shoes and accessories. Eco-friendly cloth exchange. Volunteering, donation


316 W 38th St, Minneapolis, MN 55409

Located in the Kingfield neighborhood, Tandem Vintage offers unique clothing, accessories, and home décor finds. The shop is owned by Amanda Baumann who first began selling her thrifting finds through popups around the city. A physical store opened in 2021 and encourages shoppers to embrace their style and have fun. The store is currently only open on weekends but the owner encourages shoppers to reach out for an appointment if they see something they like.

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Additionally, if you're considering selling items to the store, you can contact the owner via social media accounts or the contact form on the site.

Sisterhood Boutique

Female Shopper In Thrift Store Looking At Clothes


2200 Riverside Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55454

Sisterhood Boutique is located in the M. Health Fairview University of Minnesota Medical Center. This shop is unique in that it's run by young women who are part of the Brian Coyle Center Youth Entrepreneurship Program. The women decided to open the store as a way to positively impact their Cedar-Riverside neighborhood. Additionally, the shop is known for its affordable pricing and cute atmosphere.

The store accepts donations of gently used women's accessories and clothing. You can also visit their website to make a monetary donation.

The Cat and the Cobra

Vintage sign with a background of different vintage clothing on a street. White vintage sweater with embroidered flowers.

©Anna Svetlova/Shutterstock.com

2400 N 2nd St #105, Minneapolis, MN 55411

Located in Northeast Minneapolis is The Cat and the Cobra. This unique shop offers vintage finds from the 1970s through the '90s, and the owners are always on the lookout for the most fabulous finds. Most items aren't marked, either, which gives the shopper room to bargain. Additionally, the shop sells many of its vintage finds on Etsy, so if you aren't able to stop in when they're open on weekends, you can shop their selection online.

The owners purchase vintage clothing, so if you have something they might be interested in, you can contact them through their social media accounts.

Modern Age District and Repurpose Republic

Antique furniture store with wooden goods

©Sergey Ryzhov/Shutterstock.com

2833 – 2835 Central Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418

If you're looking for a twist on mid-century home goods, art, lighting, and furniture, look no further than the Modern Age District (MAD). This business is also home to a second brand, Repurpose Repulic (ReRep). This brand allows the business to repurpose and create “mid-century modern furniture art pieces.” The business is located in the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District and consists of locals who are also passionate about vintage and retro finds. You can also find featured pieces and shop online through the business's website.

If you're looking to donate your retro furniture or artwork from the '70s or '80s, you can contact the store directly and include photos as they will purchase items that fit their brand.

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Habitat for Humanity ReStore

A warehouse with furniture such as sofas, chairs and lamps

©Ground Picture/Shutterstock.com

2700 Minnehaha Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55406

If you're looking for a way to help the Minnesota Habitat for Humanity, consider shopping their ReStore. This store is open to the public and features home improvement items. From cabinets to appliances, furniture, windows, and more, this shop is a DIYer's playground. New items arrive every day and feature anything from small projects to major home remodels. The store is also run by local volunteers who work 4-hour shifts during store hours.

The items at the store offer a major discount to shoppers. Additionally, the store recently opened a second location in New Brighton. ReStore accepts donations largely from local contractors and retailers, but you can also donate personal items by dropping them off or scheduling a pickup. Be sure to check their guidelines online before donating.


Close up on woman's hands browsing record store


4206 Cedar Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55407

Open in South Minneapolis is Groovy's, a second-hand shop currently open on weekends. This unique and eclectic thrift store offers everything from clothing to books, art, and vinyl records. You can also find rare knickknacks and lots of niche toys inside. With its “groovy” theme, you'll find funky and nostalgic items with a little something for everyone.

Encore Boutique

Shopping, fashion and black woman with choice, wardrobe inspiration or retail design ideas in thrift store or boutique. Happy gen z person, student or customer service clothes discount, sale or promo

©PeopleImages.com – Yuri A/Shutterstock.com

242 Hamline Ave S, St Paul, MN 55105

Encore Boutique is a consignment shop located in the Mac/Grove neighborhood of St. Paul. With “boutique” in the store name, you can expect very thoughtfully selected, gently-used items. This shop is the perfect fit for you if you're looking for higher-end brand-name pieces with a vintage vibe. Beyond clothing, the store also sells women's jewelry, accessories, and shoes.

Due to their high demand for consignment items, they are currently only accepting a few items at a time. You can check out their website for further details if you're looking to sell the shop some of your personal items.

B. Resale

Goodwill is an American nonprofit organization and a second-hand store that creates jobs. Items donated to the thrift store are resold to the public. Retail coat hangers merchandised on racks in store

©ccpixx photography/Shutterstock.com

2613 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55408

B. Resale is a thrift store that's been open for more than 10 years. The store owner's goal is to provide reasonably priced fashionable items that match your style and allow you to dress in alignment with your personality. Their items are both affordable and not high-end, which allows them to provide clothing and accessories the local community can easily purchase. If you're interested in what they have to offer, you can see many of their fun and unique style options on their Instagram page.

Additionally, if you're looking to sell your items to the store, they accept walk-ins during store hours, or you can contact them to make an appointment.

Hidden Treasurers

assorted donated second hand household items, arranged on shelves on display in a thrift store. Thrifting


2915 Pentagon Dr, St Anthony, MN 55418

If you're looking for a thrift shop that gives back, be sure to check out Hidden Treasurers Thrift Store. This shop is a non-profit Christian company that's run largely by volunteers. With a huge focus on community and giving back, Hidden Treasures accepts donations, offers great deals to shoppers, and employs those in need. When shopping, you can find everything from home goods to decor, clothing, books, and more.

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If you're looking to donate to the store, they accept a little bit of everything. You can also schedule a pick-up for larger items like furniture.

Flying Pig Thrift

Man choosing clothing in a second hand store. Various vintage suede leather and jeans jackets hang on clothing rack. Thrifting and sustainability in clothing concept

©Dmitry Naumov/Shutterstock.com

722 Snelling Ave N, St Paul, MN 55104

Located in St. Paul, Flying Pig Thrift is a non-profit thrift shop that's run by volunteers and donations. A portion of all of the proceeds from the store go to local nonprofits. The store also has a unique mission and origin story. When shopping in the store, you can find everything from home goods to clothing and accessories. The shop also works with local artisans to feature some of their items for sale. Additionally, Flying Pig Thrift has various deals like their “end-of-the-month half-price sale.”

If you're looking to donate your items to the shop, you can bring them any time during store hours. They do not accept large furniture or electronics, but many other items are welcome.

Final Thoughts

While there are several fun and exciting things to do in Minneapolis, thrifting is a great option and one that can be enjoyed anywhere from downtown to smaller suburbs. The shops we've discussed here offer everything from donated, gently used items to unique vintage pieces. Happy shopping!

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