If you value nature and relish a life lived outdoors, you'll likely want to consider a name for your newborn that matches that appreciation for Mother Earth. Take a look at this list of boy names that mean earth. From Forrest to Ridge and beyond, this list merely scratches the surface of wonderful options for little boys. Take a look!

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  • BudBud is a boy name of American origin. It means blossom.
  • Willoughby Willoughby is an English boy name. It means “farm by the willows.”
  • Hideki Hideki is a boy name of Japanese origin. It means “tree,” and it also means “excellence” and “precious.”
  • Forrest Forrest is a boy name of English origin. The name means “forest” or “of the woods.”
  • CullenCullen is a boy's name of Scottish origin. It means “back of a river.” The name is also used as a surname.
  • Bardo Bardo is a boy name of German origin. It means water. One can find the name in many cultures.
  • Kaj Kaj is a boy name of Danish origin pronounced “KIEY” which rhymes with “rye.” Kaj means “Earth.”
  • BrentBrent is a boy name of Celtic origin. It means “hills.”
  • Lambert Lambert is of German origin. It is a boy's name that means “land brilliant.”
  • PiercePierce is an English boy name. The meaning of the name is “son of Piers.” One famous person with the name Pierce is the actor Pierce Brosnan.
  • Vermont Vermont is a French boy name. It means “green mountain.”
  • Ridge Ridge is a boy name of English origin. It means a rough and narrow edge of a mountaintop.
  • OliverOliver is of Latin origin. It means “olive tree.” Oliver comes from Olivier, which is the Norman-French variation. The name Oliver is popular in England, New Zealand, and Australia. The name Oliver is seen in popular culture in many instances. For example, Oliver Stone is a famous American director, and Oliver Wendell Holmes was a famous American poet.
  • AdamAdam is a Hebrew name for boys that means “son of the red earth,” it's also the term for “mankind.” It is also one of the most popular names in the Bible, featured in the Old Testament.
  • Abede Abede is an African boy name with Ethiopian origin. It means “flower.”
  • Akamu Akamu is a Hawaiian boy name. Akamu, pronounced “Ah-KAH-moo,” means “formed by god or Earth.” It is the Hawaiian version of Adam.
  • Tlaloc Tlaloc is an Aztec name for boys. It means “of the Earth.” It is also the Aztec God of rain. The rare name is pronounced “tlah-lohk.”
  • OrionOrion is a boy name of Greek origin. It means “rising star.”
  • ZephyrZephyr is a Greek boy name pronounce “zeh-fr.” It means “west wind.” In Greek mythology, Zephyr was the Greek god of the west wind.
  • AshAsh is a boy name of English origin. It means “ash tree.” The name Ash is beloved in Southern American culture.
  • DylanDylan is a boy name of Welsh origin. It means “son of the sea.” In Welsh mythology, Dylan was a sea god.
  • AinsleyAinsley is a boy name of Scottish origin. The name means “solitary meadow.”
  • Birk Birk is a Scottish boy name. It means “birch tree.”
  • Terran Terran is a boy name of Latin origin. It means Earth.
  • Hawk Hawk is a boy name of German origin. A hawk is a bird of prey.

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