Few things are as vast and powerful yet soothing as the sea. Conjure these qualities in your little one by selecting a name from this list of baby names that mean sea. From Dylan to Marina, each carries an appropriate amount of gravitas your child will embody for their entire life!

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  • Adetokunbo Adetokunbo is a fluid unisex name from the Yoruba language of western Africa. It means “the crown came from over the sea” and might be chosen for a firstborn child delivered on another continent.
  • Amphitrite Amphitrite is a Greek girl's name associated with the deep. More specifically, Amphitrite was the goddess of the sea and wife of Poseidon, the Greek god of the seas and earthquakes.
  • Aqua Aqua is a fluid unisex name of Latin origin. This particular name can mean “rain,” “sea” or “water.” This name also shows up in all sorts of popular media and video games, with a goddess in “Konosuba” and a powerful mage in the “Kingdom Hearts” video game franchise.
  • Aukai Aukai is a Hawaiian girl's name about water. Specifically, this means “sea-explorer” and it should be pronounced “ow-ka-ee.”
  • CordeliaCordelia is a Latin and Celtic girl's name linked to waters. The name means either “daughter of the sea” or “heart of the sea.” Cordelia was also the name of a character from both the “Buffy” and “Angel” TV series and a rather capable Pegasus knight in the “Fire Emblem” series.
  • Delja Delja is a Polish girl's name with aquatic association. The name means “daughter of the sea.” Because it is from a Slavic tongue, the name should be pronounced closer to “Delya” or “Delia.”
  • DelmarDelmar is a Spanish girl's name of the waves. Specifically, this name means “of the sea.” If you happen to be fond of Spanish, you might consider giving your daughter the middle name of “Dama” or “Belleza,” resulting in the wonderful nickname of “lady of the sea” or “beauty of the sea.”
  • Deniz Deniz is a unisex name bound to the seas and of Turkish origin. This particular name literally means “sea.”
  • Derya Derya is another unisex Turkish name connected to water, albeit one with roots in the Persian language. This name can mean either “sea” or “ocean.”
  • Doria Doria is a Greek girl's name with connotations of an aquatic origin. It literally means “coming from the sea.”
  • DylanDylan is a watery Welsh boy's name. It means “son of the sea” and would be a fine name for any child born to a naval officer or fisherman.
  • Dynell Dynell is an aquatic Anglo-American boy's name. It means “man of the sea.”
  • Earwyn Earwyn is an English boy's name of the waters. It means “friend of the sea” and could be a find name for any child raised around sealife.
  • Edmar Edmar is an English boy's name bound to the waves. It means “wealthy sea.”
  • Firth Firth is a Scottish girl's name of watery power. Because this name means “arm of the sea,” it would be a very suitable name for a future naval officer.
  • Firtha Firtha is a Scottish girl's name connected to the sea. The name means “female of the sea.”
  • Hai Hai is a unisex Chinese name of the sea. Indeed, the character used to write it, 海, can mean “sea,” “ocean” or other similar large bodies of water.
  • IrvingIrving is a Scottish boy's name of deep waters. It can mean either “sea friend” r “green river.”
  • KaiKai is a unisex Hawaiian name with pelagic bearing. This is the word for “sea” in the Hawaiian language.
  • Kaimana Kaimana is another unisex name of Hawaiian origin and maritime influence. Taken directly, Kaimana means “sea power” but it can also mean “diamond.”
  • MarinaMarina is a seafaring Latin girl's name. It means “from the sea.”
  • MeredithMeredith is a nautical English unisex name derived from Welsh. It can mean either “great lord” or “sea lord.” The original Welsh version of this name would either be spelled asMaredudd or Meredydd.
  • MoanaMoana is a seagoing unisex name from the Maori, Hawaiian and Tahitian tongues. It can mean “deep sea,” and is also a Disney princess name.
  • MorganMorgan is a naval unisex name of English, French and Welsh origin. The name's meaning is “sea circle” and derives from the Old Welsh boy's name Morcant.
  • Tasi Tasi is an aquatic unisex name from the Chamorro people of the Mariana Islands. This particular name is their word for “sea” and “ocean.”

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