The ocean is vast and stunning, strong yet serene. Give your daughter a foundation of all of these qualities when you select a moniker from this list of girl names that mean sea. From Marisol to Darya and beyond, each is feminine yet formidable. Take a look!

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  • Asherah Asherah is a Semitic girl's name connected to the waters. It means “she who walks in the sea” and was also the name of a mother-goddess worshiped by Israelites prior to monotheism.
  • Darya Darya is a pelagic Persian girl's name. It means “sea” or “ocean.”
  • Halcyone Halcyone is a Latin girl's name of the waters derived from the Greek language. The name simply means “sea-salt.”
  • Jūratė Jūratė is a Lithuanian girl's name related to water. While “jūra” is the Lithuanian word for “sea,” Jūratė was a sea goddess who falls in love with a fisherman in the tale “Jūratė and Kastytis.”
  • Kailani Kailani is a Hawaiian girl's name associated with deep blue things. The name is a compound of the words for “sea” and “sky.”
  • Manami Manami is a Japanese girl's name of the deep. It combines the character 愛, mana, which means “love or affection” with either 美 or 海, both of which are pronounced mi and mean “beautiful” or “sea or ocean,” respectively.
  • Mar Mar is a seaworthy Spanish and Catalan name for girls. It means “sea.”
  • Maraja Maraĵa is a maritime girl's name from Esperanto. It means “made of the sea.”
  • Maris Maris is an English girl's name of the water. It means “of the sea.”
  • Marisol Marisol is a salty Spanish girl's name. It means “sea and sun.”
  • Maristela Maristela is a Portuguese girl's name of the sea. It means “star of the sea.”
  • Meltem Meltem is a Turkish girl's name connected to the waters. It means “sea wind.”
  • Meraud Meraud is a Cornish girl's name associated with the seas. It is derived from the Cornish word for “sea.”
  • Meri Meri is a Finnish girl's name for seafaring parents. It means “sea.”
  • Merike Merike is an Estonian girl's name of the waters. This one name is just the Estonian word for “sea.”
  • Mira Mira is a watery name that shows up in many Indian and southeast Asian languages. Not only does this name show up in Sanskrit as the word for “sea” and “ocean,” it was also the name of a 16th Century Hindu princess who dedicated herself to Krishna.
  • Muirenn- is an Irish girl's name of the deep. It can mean either “fair sea” or “white sea.” Muirne is a known variant spelling.
  • Muirgel Muirgel is an Irish girl's name connected to water. It means “bright sea.”
  • Muirgen Muirgen is an irish girl's name associated with the sea. While it means “born of the sea,” there is also a legend of a woman with this name who became a mermaid, spent 300 years on land, became baptized and regained her womanly form.
  • Naia Naia is a Basque girl's name of the sea. It means either “wave” or “sea foam.”
  • Nanami Nanami is a Japanese girl's name of depths. Depending on the characters used, this name can mean “seven seas” or “beautiful green vegetables.”
  • NereidaNereida is a Spanish name derived from an aquatic Greek word. The name comes from the Greek word for “sea nymph” and also Nereus, the father to all the Greek sea sprites.
  • Nerissa Nerissa is a seaworthy Shakespearean girl's name. While the name is directly taken from The Merchant of Venice, it has the same roots as Nereida from earlier on this list.
  • RosemaryRosemary is an afloat English girl's name. While a surface reading yield it as just a compound name of Rose and Mary, the herb of the same name has a Latin name, ros marinus, which means “dew of the sea.”
  • Vaimiti Vaimiti is a Tahitian girl's name with naval bearing. The name can translate as either “sea water” or “salt water.”

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