If you value love above all else, perhaps you should choose a name for your daughter that illustrates as much. Each of these girl names that mean heart are beautiful and feminine — from Delia to Blythe and beyond. Take a look!

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  • Asgre Asgre is a heartening Welsh name for girls. It means “heart.”
  • Bihotz Bihotz is a vascular girl's name from the Basque region. It simply yet directly means “heart.”
  • Blythe Blythe is an enriching English girl's name. It can mean either “beautiful heart” or “fair one.”
  • Clover Clover is an English girl's name of the heart. It can mean either “heart,” “fortunate” or “spirit.” Clover is the name of the blonde member of the trio of protagonist spies in the Franco-Canadian cartoon known as “Totally Spies.”
  • Corazana Corazana is a circulatory Spanish name for girls. It means “heart” and is simply the feminine version of the name Corazon.
  • CordeliaCordelia is a girl's name of the heart that shows up in both the Latin and Celtic tongues. It can mean either “daughter of the sea” or “heart.”
  • Cordula Cordula is a vascular girl's name in Latin. It means “heart.”
  • Cordy Cordy is a German and Latin girl's name associated with the muscle of love. It specifically means “little heart.”
  • Corissa Corissa is a Greek girl's name connected to coronary matter. It can mean either “heart” or “maiden.”
  • Coryn Coryn is an American girl's name tethered to hearts. It can either mean “heart's friend,” “maiden” or “pure.”
  • Cumahle Cumahle is an Argentinian girl's name pertaining to the arterial. This name means “open-hearted one.” This name should be pronounced “Coo-mah-lay.”
  • Daedra Daedra is an Irish girl's name of pulmonary passions. It means either “broken-hearted” or “sorrowful” and might be chosen in the rare instance where only one child among multiple births survives. Fans of the “Elder Scrolls” franchise of role-playing games may recognize this name as the classification for powerful extra-dimensional entities.
  • Delia Delia is a hearfelt girl's name originating from the Greek language. It can either mean “heart” or be used to refer to a female originating from Delos. Delos is a Greek island found within the Aegean Sea and purported to be the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. Delia is also the name of Ash Ketchum's mother in the English dub of the “Pokemon” anime.
  • Dilna Dilna is an Arabic appellation for girls and is related to hearts and virtue. While this name is known to mean “heart” it can also mean “good heart.”
  • Erfan Erfan is an arterial American girl's name. It means “iron heart.”
  • Gonul Gonul is a Turkish tag for girls pertaining to the heart. It simply means “heart.”
  • Gulisa Gulisa is a vascular girl's name of Georgian sourcing. It means “of the heart.”
  • Hughina Hughina is an Anglo-Scotch girl's handle of the heart. It can mean “heart,” “mind” or “spirit.” Understandably, this is the feminine form of the masculine name Hugh.
  • Janan Janan is an Arabic girl's appellation involving the heart. It can mean either “heart” or “soul.”
  • KaliyahKaliyah is a Hindi honorific of the heart for girls. It can mean either “lucky,” “sweetheart,” or “slayer of the dragon.”
  • KariKari is a Greek designation for girls that is associated with the virtuous. This name means “pure of heart.”
  • Koharu Koharu is a Japanese girl's name with a hearty connotation. It can mean either “small” or “heart.”
  • Kokoro Kokoro is a Japanese girl's name deeply connected to existence. This one word is a perfect stand-in for the concepts of “heart,” “mind” or “soul.”
  • Konul Konul is an arterial Azerbaijani name for girls. This one name can mean “desire,” “heart” or “soul.”
  • Libi Libi is a Hebrew girl's name of the heart. This name can mean either “my heart” or “girl.” Libby is a common variant spelling of this name and both spellings have also been sometimes made to serve as a shortened version of “Liberty.”

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