Instill a foundation of love and affection by giving your child a name that means as much. This list of baby names that mean heart is filled with plenty of options for both boys and girls. From Howard to Mildred to Prea and beyond, each is beautiful and filled with love. Take a look!

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  • Hew Hew is a hearty English boy's name. It can mean “heart,” “inspiration” or “mind.” Hugh is a well-known alternate spelling. Hew is also a verb that can mean to cut or chop, usually into wood and often with an axe or pick.
  • Howard Howard is a hearty English name for boys. It means “bold-hearted.” Notable men named Howard include Howard Lincoln, the former president of Nintendo of America, Howard Hughes, an eccentric millionaire who achieved much and Howard Ashman, a songwriter responsible for the music of the Disney Renaissance (films like “Aladdin,” “The Little Mermaid” and “Beauty and the Beast”).
  • Janan Janan is a heartening Muslim boy's name. It means “heart.”
  • Jigar Jigar is a wholehearted boy's name from India. It means “heart.”
  • Jiyaan Jiyaan is an exuberant Hindi boy's name. It means “near the heart.”
  • Kanwaldeep Kanwaldeep is a jovial Hindi name for boys. It means “lamp's heart.”
  • Khaatir Khaatir is a heartfelt Muslim name for boys. It can mean “idea” or “heart.”
  • Khalil Khalil is an exuberant Muslim boy's name. It can mean “friend,” “heart” or “inner self,”
  • Leb Leb is a cordial boy's name from Greek. It means “heart.”
  • Lebbeus Lebbeus is a hearty boy's name from the Bible. It means “man of heart.”
  • Leonard Leonard is an affection American name for boys. It means “lion-heart.” Notable Leonards throughout history include Leonard Nimoy, an actor with a deep love of the sciences, Leonard Cohen, a singer-songwriter from Canada and Leonard Albert Kravitz, a performer better known by his stage name of Lenny Kravitz.
  • Llewelyn Llewelyn is a heartwarming boy's name from Weslh. It can mean anything from “leonine,” “sympathetic” or “warm-hearted.” The first syllable should be pronounced as if it begins with only a single L, resulting in the pronunciation of “loo-el-in.”
  • Lubin Lubin is a heartening American boy's name. It means “heart of the sea” but also sounds like a quaintly accented way of saying “loving.”
  • Manap Manap is a sincere Indian boy's name. It means “heart-winning.”
  • MayMay is a Latin girl's name of the heart. It means “bitter heart” and may be chosen to reflect a child that entered the world after an intense delivery. May was the secondary protagonist of the “Pokemon” anime once it got to the Hoenn region.
  • MildredMildred is a hearty Teutonic girl's name. It can mean “elegant,” “hard-hearted” or “unconventional.”
  • Nuttah Nuttah is a heartfelt girl's name from the Native Americans. It means “my heart.”
  • Oberon Oberon is a heartening German name for girls. It means “bear heart.” Parents who are familiar with the works of William Shakespeare is likely familiar with the play “Twelfth Night” which features a character named Oberon as the king of the fairy folk.
  • Prea Prea is a kindly North African girl's name. It means “brave heart.”
  • Rhia Rhia is a heartfelt girl's name in Hindi and Bengali. It means “good heart.”
  • Symona Symona is a kindly American girl's name. It can mean either “it is heard” or “heart.”
  • Ura Ura is a cordial Hindi name for girls. It can mean “the heart.”
  • VelmaVelma is a heartening girl's name from English. It can either mean “dedicated protector” or “strong-hearted.” Anyone parent event vaguely aware of the “Scooby Doo” franchise can surely remember the clue-cracking Velma who constantly had an issue with losing her glasses.
  • Yoloxochitl Yoloxochitl is a unique and heartfelt girl's name from the Aztec-Nahuatl language. It means “heart's flower.” This name should be pronounced as “yole-ocks-ock-eet-uhl.”

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