From Kanish to Chetas to Mandeep and beyond, this list of Sanskrit baby names is filled with a colorful selection of options. Peruse the names and explore their meanings to find the perfect name for your child.

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  • Ahan This is a popular baby boy name used in India. It represents “the first ray of sunshine”.
  • Aadyot If you are looking for something unusual and worthy, Aadyot is the perfect name for a newborn baby boy. Its translation is “praise”.
  • Arunima A pretty female Sanskrit name, it is common among Indian countries. It means “red glow of the early morning sunlight”.
  • Chaitri This beautiful name for a Hindu baby girl is often used upon birth in March or April. It translates to “the full moon in the month of Chaitra”.
  • Charu Here is a simple, but unique, female Sanskrit name. It is soft and easy to pronounce and means “attractive; beautiful; pleasing”.
  • Chetas Chetas represents a male with a bright future. It is a popular Sanskrit name and means “consciousness or mind”.
  • Diyan A simple and strong name for a baby boy. It is an unusual name and means “lamp”.
  • Gaurivi Gaurivi is a popular name among boys of Sanskrit origin. It stands for “pride, respect, and dignity”.
  • Hansin This is a baby boy name used in Hindi, Hindu, Bengali, Indian, and other Sanskrit communities. It is another name for Krishna and means “the Universal soul”.
  • Ila A lovely Hindu girl's name that is unusual but fitting for a beautiful baby. It means “light, a woman from the earth”.
  • Iha A mysterious sounding girl's name that is feminine in gender. It represents “request or desire”. Popular in the Indian culture.
  • Jaivant Jaivant is quite common in Sanskrit circles. It is used as a baby boy's name and means “victorious”. Jaiveer also has this same meaning.
  • Kanish Kanish is becoming more popular where it was once a rare name. This is a treasured baby boy name of Sanskrit origin which means “caring”.
  • Malavika “A beautiful Himalayan plant” This female name was also made popular as the name of the heroine of Kalidas's play, Malvika Agnimitra.
  • Lela Not used often in Hindu nations, Lela is a name that cannot be ignored by those looking for a unique baby girl name. Meaning “black beauty”, it is truly a worthwhile name to have.
  • Mridul This is a popular baby boy name of Sanskrit origin. Meaning “soft and calm”, it is a pleasing name for your newborn.
  • Manan If you are searching for a unique name with an Indian origin, Manan is a boy name that expresses “thinking”.
  • Mihira “The sun, moon, wind, and clouds” is the original meaning for this Sanskrit baby girl's name. As beautiful as a gem, many parents choose to honor their infant girl with this name.
  • Niju A rare occasion such as a baby's birth calls for a rare and radiant name. Niju is a female name that has the power of meaning “Pansophist (someone with universal knowledge)” This is a simple and stunning name.
  • Madhuk If your baby boy has a sweet smile and sweet disposition, name him Madhuk. The Sanskrit origin is “sweet like a honey bee”.
  • Mandeep This male name has survived the test of time. It is a common name and means “the light of the mind”.
  • Pallav This is a sensitive name for a baby boy. The Sanskrit meaning is “new leaf” and translates to life, rejuvenation, and hope.
  • Shuchi While Shuchi is not a common name, it is sweet-sounding and has a meaning to match. Perfect for a newborn baby girl meaning “pure”.
  • Utkarsha A classic Sanskrit name for a baby girl, the name sings with melody. It translates to “energy” in Sanskrit.
  • Yuvan This is a powerful male name that will bring honor to your family. Meaning “strong”, it is fairly common.

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